Presentation: Revealing Design Treasures from the Amazon

Jared Spool

June 1st, 2009

Audiences have been grooving on one of my newest presentations, Revealing Design Treasures from the Amazon. Here’s what I talk about:

Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon

On its surface, just seems like a large e-commerce site, albeit a successful one. Its design isn’t flashy, nor is it much to write home about. But deep within its pages are hidden secrets — secrets that every designer should know about.

If one looks closely at what the team at Amazon has built, it’s filled with innovative functionality and clever designs, all of which creates a delightful experience for its users and directly produces regular profits for its shareholders. But not all is perfect. Some design changes in the last few years have not been the success that the team had hoped for. Amazon’s exceptional qualities and imperfections are critical knowledge for any designer that wants to dig deep into what makes the site tick.

In this entertaining presentation, Jared will share some of UIE’s latest research into the hidden treasures of (the) Amazon. You’ll learn:

  • The simple Yes/No question that increased revenues by more than $1 billion
  • The elegant subtlety of Amazon’s security system
  • Why Amazon’s business model is more than meets the eye (and why designers need to care)
  • The wins and losses that Amazon has had with social media functionality

Want to see it? Here it is (with audio recorded at An Event Apart Seattle 2009):

Revealing Design Treasures From The Amazon
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If you’re so inclined, you can download a PDF of the slides.

30 Responses to “Presentation: Revealing Design Treasures from the Amazon”

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  2. Bill Says:

    Really LOVE the presentation. Really HATE how the player is working. Please fix!

    Debug Details:

    If/When the player is interrupted I can’t restart it beyond 30 minutes (or so) in (around the Amazon Makeover/Goal-Tool time slide). Most common interruptions — trying to reset to full screen and screen saver activating.

    Trying to fast forward to/past that point causes the player to pause (lock up really) and not play. Stepping back “sometimes” recovers but it continues to lock up.

    The navigation at the bottom (if that’s what it is) doesn’t make (any) sense (tight on left, really wide on right; looks vaguely logarithmic to time with no relationship to the length any given slide appears).

    This is (Windows) browser independent; reproduced this in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome.

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  7. Chris Says:

    Fantastic, extremely imformative..

    It is a presentation I will be sharing with my company, I have had so many times, we just want a website like Amazon but this explains just why and how their website works.

    Great Job, I will be sure to checkout your blog..

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  9. Sam | Impact Media Says:

    An excellent presentation, thanks Jared.

    Goes to show that even the largest of eCommerce sites don’t always it right first time round but they keep trying and testing elements until they get there.

    Lots of good and informative information and well worth a watch.

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  21. Colin Hall Says:

    Fabulous presentation. I would elaborate, but I don’t want to feature in any of your future presentations ;-)))


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  26. Koozai Mike Says:

    Great presentation. Amazon contiue to lead the way and although their website isn’t always the most visually existing it has a consistently strong design with lots of extra selling opportunities for customers.

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    I am not sure if there one place where you can find a list of resources. The first presentaion which came to my mind is by Jared Spool by Amazon (which is a great presentaion) :

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