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UIE Podcasts: UX Immersion Edition

Free Podcasts on Mobile Design & the Agile Process We’ve grouped all the UX Immersion speaker podcasts in this one post so you don’t have to search for each individual podcast. These 6 fantastic podcasts are full of sage advice and useful tips on 2 separate and important topics: Mobile design and the Agile process. […]

UIEtips: Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX

Try out an idea. See how it works. That’s the basics of an iteration, which we’ve used in our user experience work since the beginning. On the surface, it feels like when a team moves to an Agile development method, they are also moving to an iterative process. After all, what is a series of […]

10 Reasons You Should Attend UX Immersion

At UX Immersion in Portland, OR, April 23-25, you’ll hear the newest, most critical thinking around two separate and important topics: mobile design and the Agile process. Why you should attend reasons 1-6: The workshops UX Design Inside Agile Development with Hugh Beyer Apply practical techniques to integrate proven UX processes through effective communication. Mobile […]

Hugh Beyer – Getting Started with UX Inside Agile Development

Change is always an interruption. For those switching to an Agile process, the transition doesn’t always go so smoothly. Suddenly, with things moving so quickly, the role of UX gets lost in the shuffle. User experience is often disregarded in Agile development.

What Happens When Agile Messes Up Your UX Process

It’s quite something when you get to the point when your UX process is working well. It all seems to flow together. You’re getting input into the early part of the process. You’re ready when the requirements show up. You’ve got a solid set of deliverables that the developers look forward to receiving. Everything fits […]

Tools to Make You a Stronger UX Pro

Not only does the UX Immersion 2012 Conference, being held in Portland, OR, April 23-25, dive deep into two important UX topics—Agile development and Mobile design, we’ll also supply you with a special designer’s toolkit when you register by March 13. You’ll be the envy of all your co-workers Register by March 13 and you […]

A focus on critical details: The thinking behind UX Immersion’s Full-Day Workshop Format

A lot of folks don’t know this, but we start planning for each UIE conference about eighteen months in advance. This year’s new event, UX Immersion was no different. With this new program, we’re trying to fill a huge unmet need: How do we bring today’s UX Professionals to a new level of producing great […]

Jeff Gothelf – Lean UX: Integrating Design into Agile

Lean UX can eliminate the contractual obligations inherent with specification documents and other deliverables. Designers and developers find it frustrating to put so much effort into a project then not see it ship at the end. Using the Lean UX process, you’re constantly validating your designs, especially early in the process. This motivates the team to work towards the same end goal.

UX Immersion: $1,349 Price Extended Until Wed., Feb 29

After selling out the original 100 seats for the UX Immersion Conference, we decided to extend the lowest price of $1,349 until Wednesday, February 29. The price will definitely go up, so register now and save money. Don’t miss out on the newest, most critical thinking around two separate and important UX topics: mobile design […]

UIEtips: What The Karate Kid Can Teach Us About Agile and UX

It’s amazing how learning a new skill or process can make you feel overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we’re asked to follow a set of tasks or procedures that just doesn’t make sense and seems repetitious. Yet after a period of time we start to see how these tasks connect, make sense, […]