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UIEtips: Designing with the Elements of Play

Woody Allen once said, “There is no scientific evidence to support the notion that life should be taken seriously.” When it comes to designing applications, Woody was right on the mark. We’ve spent some quality time with Stephen Anderson. Steve makes it his business to explore how serious applications can be fun and engaging. The […]

UIEtips: iPhone App Design – When an Awkward Interface Makes Sense

We’ve all been there. Your mobile phone, tucked away in your back pocket, accidentally dials someone you have no intent on speak with. Or perhaps you deleted an important message to quickly. Mishaps do happen with mobile devices, but there are ways that design can protect against those accidental occurrences or even undue the mistakes. […]

UIEtips: Creating Great Design Principles – 6 Counter-intuitive Tests

The excitement in the room was electric. Everyone was waiting for the big moment. Finally, it was here. For six months, the team had been working on their new design principles. In closed meetings, they were hashing out what they were going to do and how it would be different. Now, the project manager was […]

UIEtips: Beautiful Visualization – How To Make it More Efficient

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a graphic beautiful and informative. But how efficient is your graphic? Are you emphasizing the right content or data of the graphic? Can the reader quickly find what they are looking for? Last week we featured an excerpt from Noah Iliinsky’s book Beautiful Visualization. The article […]

UIEtips: Part 2 – Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. That holds true for your kickoff of that new project. How can you ensure your team members and stakeholders leave that kickoff meeting excited and inspired? On Monday, we published part 1 of an article by Kevin Hoffman, Kick Ass Kickoff […]

UIEtips: Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings

Joe was excited to get the project off the ground. Finally, his boss was giving him a chance to lead a project. This was going to be his chance to shine. He invited all the key players from various departments. As they started filing into the room he started hearing murmurs of, “Here we go […]

UIEtips: Understanding the Kano Model – A Tool for Sophisticated Designers

“We learned that it was all about getting the basics right,” the product manager told me, having just come back from a tour of observing multiple customers. “We can invest in all the nifty new features we want, but if we don’t get the product’s basic features to work right, our users don’t care.” This […]

UIEtips: Responsive Web Design

It’s true. People are accessing our designs on more types of devices than ever before. So how do you keep up? How do you ensure your design will work the way you intended on all of those products? Ethan Marcotte coined a term called Responsive Web Design. A technique that will help your design scale […]

UIEtips: A Look Back at 3 of Our Most Popular UIE Articles of 2010

Happy New Year! We know a new year means looking forward and moving on to new adventures, challenges, and opportunities. But we’re glancing back at 2010 and sharing three of our most popular articles from 2010. Even in a few years, I think these articles will stand the test of time and still provide valuable […]

UIEtips: What Makes a Good Deliverable

Deliverables are the bread-and-butter of the UX profession. We produce a ton of them. We’re constantly reading them. We send them to our clients and hope for their comments. Our deliverables need good design. They perform a function, just like the work they’re describing. They either do their job well, or they miss the boat. […]