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UIEtips: Field Studies – The Best Tool to Discover User Needs

To improve the designs we’re creating today, we know that teams do best when they have all of the essential information about their users to make informed decisions. In our experience, one of the most powerful ways to gather important insights about users is the field study. By making direct observations, design teams can identify […]

UIEtips: Designing with Scenarios – Putting Personas to Work

Storytelling is a natural form of expression. We’ve all been telling stories from a very young age. Scenarios are the stories that drive design decisions. They put the design into the context of how and why the user will interact with it. Earlier this year, Kim presented a UIE Virtual Seminar, Designing with Scenarios: Putting […]

UIEtips: Winning a User Experience Debate

It’s time for feedback on your design. Good or bad, productive or not, you’re given some insight into that design. In many cases, that critique comes from stakeholders or paying customers. Sure, critique should be constructive and impartial, yet it’s inevitable that you’ll occasionally disagree with the feedback you receive. Critique is a crunch moment […]

UIEtips: Five Factors for Successful Persona Projects

Personas are one of the most controversial tools in the professional UX toolbox. People either swear by them or swear at them. When they work, they are awesome, but when they fail, well, they fail gloriously. For the past few years, we’ve been researching why so many persona projects have such dismal results. We discovered […]

UIEtips: Building a Community through Stories and Data

Through the years we interviewed some awesome UX professionals and designers. Many have shared tips and techniques that shed light on new approaches and thinking in the world of design. Today’s article is based on one of those podcasts. Kate Brigham and her group at PatientsLikeMe are doing amazing work when it comes to online […]

UIEtips: Perfecting Your Personas

It was crazy. The team put a lot of effort into the design changes. Great care was taken with the navigation. The content was tight. The images were relevant. But they still missed the mark. Now the team learned from usability studies that the site wasn’t resonating with the users. They couldn’t understand why. The […]

UIEtips: Essential UX Layers for Agile and Lean Design Teams

The migration to agile and lean development methods has thrown a wrench into the world of user experience professionals. Now in unfamiliar ground, these professionals want to know what new techniques and tricks help integrate UX into the development process. As we’ve been studying what works and what doesn’t work, we’ve realized that the successful […]

UIEtips: Search as a Multi-channel Experience

Whether you’re looking to improve your lawn, buy a baby stroller, or figure out which new 60″ TV you want, it’s quite common to start with a search on the web. You read product reviews, reviews from other consumers, and use social media to ask others for opinions. Searching on the web is a pretty […]

UIEtips: Mobile Strategy, Data Visualization, and Design Process – Big Challenges, Big Rewards

“There are no problems, only opportunities. However, there are some insurmountable opportunities.” Just when we thought we knew what we were doing, suddenly we realize everything has changed. We thought we had finally mastered building great applications on the desktop, only to realize that we now have to challenges of the mobile platform to deal […]

UIEtips: Web Apps – Where Business Needs and User Needs Collide

Web-based applications are a different beast than other types of software or web sites. Web app designers have to take care of the users’ goals, and also ensure that the business needs are taken into account. Business needs can be complex. They come from all over the enterprise, originating from initiatives (like marketing campaigns), infrastructure […]