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UIEtips: The Magic Behind Amazon’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Question

Ratings and reviews can generate quite a lot of money. Who hasn’t asked a friend, peer, or family member their opinion on products or services, especially on something you’re about to purchase? A simple, “it did the job” or “it’s worth the money” is enough to convince most people to complete their purchase. How these […]

Steph Hay – Writing Content for Usability

Content is everywhere. With the amount of content users are confronted with everyday it can be challenging to garner their attention. Compounding this problem is the fact that designers and developers are often tasked with writing content that end users see. This can be an intimidating prospect if you’re unaccustomed to crafting copy.

UIEtips: Mobile Design – Content and the Great Web-based vs. Native Debate

“Thinking mobile” goes beyond scaling down an existing app to fit a smaller screen or making decisions about what content to include. The ability of an app to delight its users is largely dependent on the context in which it is being used. People are using their devices seemingly everywhere to do almost everything these […]


“The problem with this is there’s too much clutter.” That’s what the legal secretary told me when we were studying her firm’s intranet home page. In fact, the page was pretty sparse in layout. The text was nicely laid out in a readable font, with different weights given to headings and body text. Overall, it […]

UIEtips: The Discipline of Content Strategy

Content is the substance that draws and keeps the users at the site. It’s what sells our products, describes our services, and provides our support. And it’s what teams struggle with the most. When you break it down, the elements behind content strategy, such as information architecture, copywriting, search engine optimization, and content management, are […]

SpoolCast: When Search Meets Web Usability Q&A with Shari Thurow

How do you bridge the gap between the search engine and your site? You want that transition to be as smooth and natural for your users as possible. Ideally, they would start with their search, arrive at your site and accomplish what they set out to. Often times, it doesn’t work out that easily. Shari Thurow offers techniques and tricks to satisfy the goals of your users.

SpoolCast: Organization Schemes for Web Content with Donna Spencer

When approaching your information architecture, you’ll realize most sets of content can be organized in more than one way. You need to figure out which works best for your audience, your content, and your project’s goal. Donna Spencer shows you the most popular approaches, and offers tips on when and how to use each.

SpoolCast: Kristina Halvorson’s “Message and Medium: Better Content by Design” UI15 Session Sample

At this year’s User Interface Conference, Kristina Halvorson presented “Message and Medium: Better Content by Design.” Here’s a sample of her talk from the conference.

UIEtips: Information Interplay – Visual Design, Information Architecture, and Content

There’s an on-going debate in the design community: are teams better off with generalists or specialists? Those taking the generalist side argue that a breadth of abilities helps more. On the specialists’ side, they claim it is the depth of specific abilities delivering the benefit. From our research in what makes up the most successful […]

Missed the Masters Tour? You Can Still Experience It

On July 13 our new conference series, the Web App Masters Tour 2010 made its final stop. It was an ambitious task to organize a 2 day conference in 4 cities with 14 of the best and brightest in web application design. We had to provide more than just inspiration. We needed to make sure […]