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An Agile UX Primer – March 4 UIE Virtual Seminar with Jeff Patton

Every design team has a design process.  Hopefully, one that meets deadlines, on budget, with the limited resources at your disposal.  Have you been exposed to Agile?  It’s one solution to consider, and the topic of our next Virtual Seminar. In this presentation, Jeff Patton will discuss the essentials of Agile Development, the distinct culture […]

Writing Web Content that Works – An Upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar with Ginny Redish

UIE’s Virtual Seminar on February 11 is sure to be a special treat for you.  Ginny Redish, author of the book Letting Go of the Words, will talk with us about Writing Web Content that Works. We love Ginny’s book and recommend it to all of our clients. This is going to be a great […]

Tools for Creating Pattern Libraries

Back in 2006, I wrote an article called The Elements of a Design Pattern which has proven to be very popular. The interesting thing about popular articles is they regularly get good comments, long after they were written. Fast forward three years and today we get a comment from Tessie asking: I am currently designing […]

@SemanticWill’s Process of Wireframing

Over at Semantic Foundry, designer extraordinaire, Will Evans, has a wonderful essay explaining how he uses wireframing as both a problem setting and a problem solving approach. I pick my primary audience and the one activity which allows them to solve one goal quickly, effortlessly, elegantly. In this case, the primary audience wants to easily […]

A Guide To Understanding Flowcharts

Randall Monroe’s XKCD is probably my favorite comic strip. Here’s one of the latest ones: (Of course, the flow charting portion of Dan Brown’s Communicating Design: Essential Deliverables for Highly Effective Design Teams session at the UIE Web App Summit will have a lot more depth to it.)