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Web App Masters: Multi-Device Design at Netflix

These days, our users control our apps using keyboards, phones, tablets, and even televisions. At the Web App Masters Tour, Bill shared his collection of design patterns and best practices for creating immersing and rich experiences. At our Seattle stop, Luke Wroblewski captured Bill’s talk in a blog post he originally posted on He’s […]

Day 2: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Following the brilliance of Day 1 of the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we had a another awesome day of great presentations. Pam Rodriguez and Luke Wroblewski did a nice job of posting their notes. Thanks guys! Steve Portigal on Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside In – Pam’s notes, Luke’s notes. Kate Brigham […]

Day 1: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Well, we’ve just wrapped up the first day of the UIE Web App Masters Tour stop in Seattle. What a day! Blogger Pam Rodriguez has done a tremendous job summarizing the first day’s sessions. You can read them here: My talk: Mobilism & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm Bill Scott’s talk: Designing […]

What do you call those hover-revealing layered-on-top contextual menus?

Greg wrote: I’m interested in finding information about “On Object UI”. To me, this term means displaying controls on or near an object after the user has interacted with the object by hovering over or clicking on the object. For example, in Microsoft Word, after highlighting/selecting some text, a Mini-toolbar appears near the text with […]

Best Menu Option Ever: See Fewer Choices

Online banking is notorious for poorly thought-through interactive experiences. Chase Online is no exception. Their mortgage screen contains this list of menu options, with one of my most favorite menu options ever. As asked in the comments, this is the default presentation when you first view the menu. (Some commented it would make more sense […]

SpoolCast: Mark Burrell’s Search Patterns Revisted

Today we’re revisiting search patterns by sharing the followup podcast Jared Spool recorded with Mark Burrell of Endeca. Jared and Mark discuss a few bonus questions from the previous Virtual Seminar. Included in the full post are a few highlights from the podcast.

SpoolCast: Reusable Components & Libraries with Nathan Curtis

Jared Spool chats with Nathan Curtis about the reuse and standardization of components that make up your web site.

The UI15 Lineup – Gettin’ Better Every Year

The User Interface Conference is a 15-year tradition of building up the designer’s skill set. Each year our team of expert instructors gets better and better. These are people so rich in experience, we could just sit around for days listening to their stories on how they’ve achieved their success. This year’s topics are an […]

UIEtips: Two Masters Share Techniques for Enhancing the User Experience

One of the benefits of creating your own conferences is the ability to choose from a wide variety of industry experts. We’re pretty picky on who gets to speak. I’ve attended hundreds of conferences scoping out speakers who delight the audience while providing invaluable content. Then, I consider if they are the right fit for […]

UIEtips: Baking Social Interfaces Into Your Design

Some days, I sit and wonder what it will be like for our children’s children. After all, our parents’ parents didn’t think that houses came with plumbing. So what will our grandkids think? Computers, it seems, are here to stay for a while. However, they’re getting smaller, ubiquitous, and are far more connected. We’re already […]