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UIEtips: Part 4 – Interviews with Web App Masters Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone, and Ken Kellogg

The time has come to wrap up the final part of the Web App Masters interview series. Today we feature Ken Kellogg from Marriott and the authors of Designing Social Interfaces, Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone. Ken Kellogg’s podcast talks about navigating the design process within a large corporate world, and how customer research plays […]

Web App Masters: Designing the Social In

As humans, we’re a social species, so it’s no surprise our applications are becoming social too. Our users want to connect, share, and collaborate, using the data and tools we’re designing. Building in social components adds new challenges and requirements: protecting privacy, curtailing inappropriate behavior, and encouraging participation. As we planned the topics for the […]

Web App Masters: Designing for Interesting Moments

When we put together the Masters line-up for the Web App Masters Tour, Bill Scott was a “must have” on the docket. Bill is the master when it comes to web app design patterns. If you’re using advanced or “rich” interactions in your web applications, than you’re probably familiar with his book Designing Web Interfaces. […]

SpoolCast: Crumlish and Malone Design the Social In

As soon as we saw Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish’s new book, Designing Social Interfaces, we knew you’d want to hear about their rich collection of social patterns and principles.

SpoolCast: Interesting Moments with Bill Scott

Bill Scott chats with Jared Spool about rich interactions, his new book about them, and his deep history with them at Sabre, Yahoo! and now Netflix. Bill is one of the stellar presenters scheduled for all four cities on the UIE Web App Masters Tour.

The 2010 UIE Virtual Seminar Schedule

This is your chance to save up to 50% plus lifetime access to the virtual seminars offered during your subscription period. We’re wrapping up 2009 and kicking off 2010 with stellar insights from some of the best speakers in the user experience design community. You choose the program that works best for you. Choose a 3-Month Subscription or a 6-Month Subscription. Sign-up Once. Pay Once. Lifetime Access.

SpoolCast: Interaction Design Frameworks Seminar Q&A Follow-up

Robert Hoekman, Jr. recently joined us for a Virtual Seminar on Interaction Design Frameworks, called, Web Anatomy: Interaction Design with Frameworks. The concept is a new one, and Robert and I are exploring and introducing the concept in new book due out shortly. The seminar (which is still available) was well-received, and we asked Robert back to help us answer some audience questions we did not have time to discuss during the seminar.

UIEtips: Components, Patterns, and Frameworks! Oh My!

I think we can all agree the most fun part of any design project is coming up with something nobody has ever thought to do before. These moments of innovation are exhilarating, getting the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. However, on most projects, they are few and far between. That’s because, even in the most innovative projects, the […]

So, What Are These IxD Frameworks Robert Hoekman, Jr. is Talking About?

An interaction design framework is a collection of patterns that make up an entire subsystem of your design. In your project, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got all the essential features along with those new, super-cool, hip capabilities that will dazzle your users. By using these interaction design frameworks, you’ll have a ready kit of […]

Web Anatomy: Effective Interaction Design with Frameworks

When starting a new design project, whether it’s a design-from-scratch or an upgrade beyond existing functionality, much of what we are about to do has been done before. How do you make sure you’ve got everything the user will expect? Even the most thought out design requirements (and most, unfortunately, aren’t too well thought out) […]