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UIEtips: Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers

One of the benefits of attending a live virtual seminar is that attendees get to ask our expert presenters questions during the seminar. There always seems to be more questions than we have time for so we schedule a podcast recording with the expert to address these unanswered questions. One such podcast interview was with […]

Design Principles: What You’re Not Going To Do

“Innovation isn’t about saying YES to 100 ideas. It’s about saying NO to 1000 ideas.” – Steve Jobs As we study how teams can best use design principles, we’ve discovered that project specific principles are far more useful than generic overarching principles, which many teams develop. Take Facebook’s published principles, which include generic phrases like […]

Day 2: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Following the brilliance of Day 1 of the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we had a another awesome day of great presentations. Pam Rodriguez and Luke Wroblewski did a nice job of posting their notes. Thanks guys! Steve Portigal on Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside In – Pam’s notes, Luke’s notes. Kate Brigham […]

Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences Live!

Mobile design is becoming more important everyday. As the technology and capabilities get better so does the users’ experience. Taking advantage of this technology affords you to opportunity to create experiences that your users have only dreamed of. Luke discusses the capabilities of mobile devices, new usage, and the future possibilities.

Jared Spool – The Essential Principles Behind Great Design Principles Live!

Great design principles guide your team to creating designs that delight your users. Having a set of great principles will allow your team to turn ordinary design into extraordinary design. But not everyone has great design principles. What even constitutes a great design principle? Jared dives into our latest research on what teams are doing it right and which are missing the mark.

UIEtips: Creating Great Design Principles – 6 Counter-intuitive Tests

The excitement in the room was electric. Everyone was waiting for the big moment. Finally, it was here. For six months, the team had been working on their new design principles. In closed meetings, they were hashing out what they were going to do and how it would be different. Now, the project manager was […]

Bryan Veloso and Dan Rubin – Peeking Over the Shoulder of Design Experts

Certain tips and tricks you can only learn from watching the best in the field do what they do. Peeking over the shoulder of an expert can teach you valuable techniques and insights that you won’t find in any book. That is exactly how the designers at Sidebar Creative learn from each other.

SpoolCast: Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers with Dan Rubin

Visual design is often considered an artistic realm. Many times people shy away from design or limit their involvement despite being completely capable of creating a great design. Learning the basics of design can help dispel the notion that it is only for the artistic. According to Dan Rubin, “there’s a big separation between being artistic and being creative.”

A Netflix Design Principle: Simple Trumps Complete

“Simple trumps complete” – a 5% feature (used by less than 5% of all users) is a distraction for all the other users, and is better removed, unless its really critical (a small number of users do need to cancel service, for example). I have this mental model of particles of attention that a user […]

Learn from the Master of Designing Seductive Interactions

What is Seductive Interaction Design? More and more, we’re seeing web sites use rewards systems, competitions, and fun progress indicators to get people engaged. Interactions such as these trigger different elements of human behavior and encourage your visitors to engage with your web site more. They differentiate the casual glance from a longer involvement with […]