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UIEtips: 5 Design Decision Styles. What’s Yours?

You may know of Jason Fried and the folks at 37Signals, makers of the Basecamp project-management application, the Highrise contact-management application, and other successful web-based products. Jason spoke at last year’s Web App Summit, his basic philosophy is to focus primarily on designs he wants to use. When he builds something he wants to use, […]

SpoolCast: Web Standards for Web Apps with Molly Holzschlag

This week our long time friend Molly Holzschlag joins us to discuss the cutting edge of web standards as they apply to web application development. Listen in while we talk about the effects that HTML 5, ECMAScript and other standards will have on the web.

The Road to Informed Decisions – An Upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar

UIE’s Virtual Seminar on January 15 will be full of key takeaways your team can use immediately.  Jared M. Spool will share state-of-the-art techniques to get from observation data to informed decisions. He’ll show you the best practices for teams to organize chaotic data, develop consensus, bring objectivity out of subjective observations, and produce clear […]

UIEtips: The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design

Here at User Interface Engineering, we’ve come up with three questions to help us determine if a team will produce designs that deliver great experiences. Teams that answer the questions positively, in our research, are more likely to succeed with great experiences. What I think makes these questions magical is their diagnostic quality. From their […]

WSJ: “No Summary” is Not Better than No Summary

Like many of today’s news sites, the Wall Street Journal features a box on its article pages that shows other popular articles: Because titles often don’t communicate what’s in the article, the implementation gives users a chance to see more by providing a summary as a tooltip-style pop-up. However, it seems someone has been slacking […]

Browser Compatibility: Asked & Answered

A client wrote in and asked a question that I didn’t know the answer to, so I posted it to the twitter: Where would you send a client looking for an article on designing for different browsers and conducting browser-compatibility testing? One of the downsides of being a researcher and never actually doing the hard […]