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Missed out on the $1,689 Rate for UI18? Use this Special Code

Don’t fret that you didn’t secure the $1,689 rate in time for the UI18 conference. Use the promotion code GRACE when you register by September 26. You’ll get $300 off giving you the $1,689 price. You won’t want to miss being in Boston, October 21-23, 2013. Past Attendees Say: It was a fantastic experience. I’m […]

Kate Kiefer Lee – Voice and Tone Live!

Given the amount of communications a user takes in on a daily basis, how you speak to them is incredibly important. The “voice” a company uses contributes to the establishment of the brand as well a creates a distinguishing identifier that sets it apart within the daily deluge of content users encounter. A consistent voice can help a user feel comfortable and familiar with your organization.

Part 2: Justifying the Cost for You to Attend UI18

There are likely two main pieces of information your boss needs to decide whether or not to send you to the User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, MA October 21-23. Costs and benefits. In this second post of our 2 part series, we’ll cover cost. Part 1 covers the benefits. There’s no way around it, […]

Part 1: Convincing Your Boss – Selling UI18′s Benefits

Convincing your boss to spend $2,000-$3,000 for to attend the User Interface 18 Conference is no easy task. Your boss wants to see the total costs and how this conference will benefit the organization. In part 1 of of our 2 part series, you’ll learn how to explain the benefits of attending the User Interface […]

Brian Suda – Data Visualizations that Pack a Punch

Creating visualizations from data can be a powerful and intriguing way to present findings. But way too many design teams sit on vast amounts of data. They also spend entirely too much time making static images rather than interactive tools.

UIEtips: Building a Cohesive Design Team

It’s not accidental that successful teams share certain characteristics. Those teams conscientiously build their skills, bringing members up to speed. The process makes them stronger and more cohesive. In today’s article, Jared covers six characteristics that repeatedly emerge in research on successful teams. At UI18‘s workshops you’ll gather the skills to make your team more […]

Adam Connor – Design Studio: Building Consensus Early in Your Design Process

Getting two people to agree on something is a difficult task in any aspect of life. Getting a whole team to agree on a design, where underlying feelings, ownership, and organizational hierarchy are involved, can be an even greater challenge. That’s not even counting the dreaded “swoop and poop” scenario. The trick is to get everyone involved early in the design process and a design studio is a perfect tool for just that.

Keeping calm managing egos, risk, and deadlines

There is a better way to manage creative projects You’ve been asked to bring more creativity and innovation into the design on a super tight deadline. On top of that you’re working with a team of opinionated people who aren’t afraid to push back. No sweat. Scott Berkun just taught you how to balance business, […]

Margot Bloomstein – Controlling the Pace of UX with Content Strategy

In some scenarios, getting a user to convert or react to a call to action is the desired outcome. It means your design and experience work. But if users are coming to and then quickly leaving your site, what are they really experiencing? If they don’t take the time to explore and discover they may not have any loyalty to you or the experience. And if you’re dealing in complex decisions, you want your users to take the time they need to fully understand and commit to their choice.

What’s In a Microinteraction?

The Design Details that Users Remember Most If you sit in meetings about “increasing engagement,” then it’s time to design microinteractions, those tiny moments that make or break a user’s experience. Why Microinteractions Matter Recall: Users love to see unexpected, delightful details Engagement: Users love intuitive designs that feel personalized Virality: Users love to tell […]