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Part 2: Convincing Your Boss – Selling UX Immersion’s Benefits

Convincing your boss to spend $1,500-$3,000 to send you to the UX Immersion Mobile Conference is no easy task. Your boss wants to see the total costs and how this conference will benefit the organization. In part 2 of of our 2 part series, you’ll learn how to explain the benefits of attending the UX […]

Part 1: Convincing Your Boss to Send You to UX Immersion 2013 Conference

There are likely two main pieces of information your boss needs to decide whether or not to send you to the UX Immersion Mobile Conference (in Seattle, WA April 22-24). Cost and benefits. In this first post of our 2 part series, we’ll cover cost. There’s no way around it, conferences can be expensive. Your […]

Cyd Harrell – Conducting Usability Research for Mobile

Mobile changes everything about how we conduct usability research. Not only has the way we design and build websites and apps had to adapt, how we study them has to as well. Traditional research methods won’t translate to a mobile environment.

Jason Grigsby – When Responsive Design Meets the Real World

Responsive web design allows the notion of “one web” to be a reality. Designers are increasingly able to sell to their organization the idea of delivering content to multiple platforms. Putting it into practice is another story.

UX Immersion: Only a few seats left at the $1,389 price

The 125 Seats are moving fast for the UX Immersion Mobile Conference. Once these remaining seats are gone, the price goes up $300. Take advantage of the lowest price and register now for UX Immersion in Seattle, WA April 22-24. Daylong Workshops Are the Core of the Conference We have a fantastic lineup of UX […]

Mobile UX Resources: 12 podcasts from UX experts focusing on mobile design

Are you familiar with the 12 days of Christmas? Well we’re twisting it and offering 12 days of mobile podcasts from today’s mobile UX leaders. They’re so good you may not want to do just one a day. Play the podcast on your computer or download the files and listen at your convenience. And feel […]

Chris Risdon – Mapping Your Customer’s Journey

With so many teams and divisions within organizations, falling into a pattern of designing within your own silo is incredibly easy. Mobile teams are focused on the mobile products. Desktop teams are concerned with the desktop experience. But customers interact with your product or service from an increasing variety of touchpoints. They expect a seamless experience across channels and devices, but this is often not the case.

Just 45 Seats Left at the $1,389 Price for UX Immersion Mobile Conference

The $1,389 priced spots are almost gone. Once these 45 spots are taken, the price goes up to $1,689. Attend daylong workshops from today’s best mobile UX experts at the UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Seattle, WA, April 22-24, 2013. Mobile Input Design – Luke Wroblewski When to use gestures, sensors, and geolocation as user […]

UX Immersion Mobile: The Back Story

Within moments of opening up registration for our newest upcoming event, UX Immersion Mobile, we had sold almost half of the available early bird registrations. This is nuts, because these folks are signing up for the program with the most minimal of information. Yet they trust us enough to know this will be an amazing […]

UIEtips: Mobile UX’s Tsunami-Sized Ripple Effects

In this week’s UIEtips, I look at how mobile technology affects our design and development decisions and how it changes the user experience. Here’s an excerpt from the article It’s a big deal. A really big deal. The pebble of the mobile phone hitting the market has grown into a massive, earth-moving force of nature […]