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UIEtips: Mobile UX’s Tsunami-Sized Ripple Effects

In this week’s UIEtips, I look at how mobile technology affects our design and development decisions and how it changes the user experience. Here’s an excerpt from the article It’s a big deal. A really big deal. The pebble of the mobile phone hitting the market has grown into a massive, earth-moving force of nature […]

UIEtips: Device Experience & Responsive Design

In this week’s UIEtips, we look back at an article we published in March 2012, Device Experiences & Responsive Design. In the article, Luke Wroblewski shares two techniques to make the process of designing web applications and sites for multiple devices more manageable: classifying device experiences and designing/building responsively. Here’s an excerpt from the article […]

Mobile Design – Peer into Your Future

You’re about to see a project we’ve been working on for several months. At the UX Immersion Conference 2013, April 22–24 in Seattle, you’ll be immersed in day–long workshops that focus on the newest, most critical thinking around mobile design. We’ve got the best mobile UX experts rocking this year’s UX Immersion Mobile Conference: Luke […]

Jason Grigsby – Mobile-First Responsive Design

Speed and performance are a critical aspect of mobile design. Using media queries to design your site responsively is a great way to ensure proper display on mobile devices. But just shrinking a desktop site to work on a mobile device can affect performance.

UIEtips: Where Are Mobile First Responsive Web Designs?

In today’s UIEtips, we turn again to mobile design expert, Jason Grigsby. Jason looks at responsive web design and flips the process around to address some of the concerns raised about media queries. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, Mobile First RWD takes the concepts that Ethan Marcotte taught in his A List Apart article […]

Mobile-First Responsive Design – A September 13 UIE Virtual Seminar

On September 13, Jason Grigsby presents Mobile-First Responsive Design. And with your registration before August 31, you’ll get free and immediate access to Ethan Marcotte’s recording of The How and Why of Responsive Web Design. Start practicing mobile-first responsive web design by reordering your CSS, assets, and images. And learn how from Jason Grigsby, co-author […]

UIE’s Most Popular Resource and Content Tweets: 8/4 – 8/10

Here’s a recap of the resources and information we shared on Twitter last week. Usability Some great usability and user research war stories. This article has some good examples and points to help sell usability testing with execs. Mobile New UI17 speaker podcast: @lukew – Designing Multi-Device User Experiences. Need some help creating cross-platform mobile […]

UIE’s Most Popular Resource & Information Tweets from July 22-28

Here’s a recap of the resources and information we shared on Twitter last week. Mobile Half way down this article is a good infographic on how tablet shoppers are changing online sales. Some good stats too. Some great examples of creative design in mobile apps in this article. Defining a useful reference set for cross […]

UIE’s Most Popular Resource & Information Tweets from July 8-14

Here’s a recap of the resources and information we shared on Twitter last week. Design The real problem with redesigns – As usual, awesome notes from @lukeW on our own @jmspool’s Presentation. New article from Jared Spool: Designing What’s Never Been Done Before Mobile RT @sixrevisions: Native App vs. Mobile Web App: A Quick Comparison […]

UXIM OnDemand – Recordings Focusing on Agile Process and Mobile Design

Apply Agile techniques to integrate proven UX processes for your designs. Get practical techniques for creating great mobile experiences. Get over 10 Hours of audio and video recordings from 9 UX experts Incorporate Agile methods while fitting user-focused activities into your projects Design for mobile based on how people think Move critical tasks from the […]