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SpoolCast: Bill Scott’s Desiging for Interesting Moments: Live!

Bill Scott’s Designing for Interesting Moments was one of the highlights of the first stop on UIE’s Web App Masters tour, in San Diego. We wanted everyone to benefit from his research into web interactions, so we’re bringing you this audio and visual sample.

UIEtips: Part 4 – Interviews with Web App Masters Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone, and Ken Kellogg

The time has come to wrap up the final part of the Web App Masters interview series. Today we feature Ken Kellogg from Marriott and the authors of Designing Social Interfaces, Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone. Ken Kellogg’s podcast talks about navigating the design process within a large corporate world, and how customer research plays […]

SpoolCast: Crumlish and Malone Design the Social In

As soon as we saw Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish’s new book, Designing Social Interfaces, we knew you’d want to hear about their rich collection of social patterns and principles.

SpoolCast: Leveraging Search Patterns & Discovery with Peter Morville

In this podcast, Jared Spool sits down with Peter Morville to answer many excellent questions from the recent Leveraging Search and Discovery Patterns virtual seminar. Even if you did not attend, there’s a lot of great information in this podcast.

W00t! 2 More Masters: Bill Scott & Ken Kellogg

Good news, everyone. We’ve lined up two more Masters for our UIE Web App Masters Tour. We’re thrilled to announce Bill Scott and Ken Kellogg will be joining us. Bill Scott First, let me say this: Bill is the nicest person on the entire planet. You’ll notice this the moment you talk to him. But […]

Make Search Better for Your Site

Join us January 12 for our next webinar: Leveraging Search & Discovery Patterns For Great Online Experiences, with Peter Morville and Mark Burrell.

The 2010 UIE Virtual Seminar Schedule

This is your chance to save up to 50% plus lifetime access to the virtual seminars offered during your subscription period. We’re wrapping up 2009 and kicking off 2010 with stellar insights from some of the best speakers in the user experience design community. You choose the program that works best for you. Choose a 3-Month Subscription or a 6-Month Subscription. Sign-up Once. Pay Once. Lifetime Access.

SpoolCast: Designing for Facets Followup

A few weeks back we held a UIE Virtual Seminar with Pete Bell and Daniel Tunkelang of Endeca. These guys are the experts we go to when talking about designing for facets. As always, we had a number of excellent questions from the live audience that we couldn’t attend to during the seminar, so I got together with Pete and Daniel to record this podcast and cover a number of those remaining questions.

SpoolCast: Interaction Design Frameworks Seminar Q&A Follow-up

Robert Hoekman, Jr. recently joined us for a Virtual Seminar on Interaction Design Frameworks, called, Web Anatomy: Interaction Design with Frameworks. The concept is a new one, and Robert and I are exploring and introducing the concept in new book due out shortly. The seminar (which is still available) was well-received, and we asked Robert back to help us answer some audience questions we did not have time to discuss during the seminar.

So, What Are These IxD Frameworks Robert Hoekman, Jr. is Talking About?

An interaction design framework is a collection of patterns that make up an entire subsystem of your design. In your project, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got all the essential features along with those new, super-cool, hip capabilities that will dazzle your users. By using these interaction design frameworks, you’ll have a ready kit of […]