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Personas are NOT a Document

Josh has it wrong: Personas are not a document. They are a collective perception about who the users are, what they need, and what solutions will work best. Thinking about personas as a document is the best way to fail.

Usability Tools Podcast: Robust Personas

This week, we follow up our Virtual Seminar presentation on Building Robust Personas In 30 Days or Less, with answers to more questions that were generated during the session. You needn’t have attended the seminar to learn from this podcast, though.

Crappy Personas vs. Robust Personas

There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the Interwebs about how personas are a useless tool. 37Signals’ Jason Fried recently wrote: We don’t use personas. We use ourselves. I believe personas lead to a false sense of understanding at the deepest, most critical levels. Every product we build is a product we build for […]