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Usability Tools Podcast: Gallery Pages

In this week’s episode, Christine Perfetti asks Jared Spool about UIE’s research on Gallery Pages. Gallery Pages, the list of links to content, are a web site’s hardest working page. They are the final page that determine whether users will successfully find their content.

UIEtips Article: Communicating Concepts with Comics — An Interview with Kevin Cheng

Ashley McKee recently had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Cheng about the increasing popularity of using comics in the design process, the five inherent properties of successful comics, the skills needed to create comics, and the best way to deliver comics to key stakeholders.

Where to Get Transcriptions

A number of our customers and podcast listeners ask us where we get our audio transcriptions done. We are using CastingWords, a company who takes a very Web 2.0 angle on producing transcripts.

Sharing SharePoint

Our friend Cameron Moll offers some advice on getting the most out of SharePoint, with semantic code and CSS styling. He’s done some heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

An Ad-hoc Design Pattern Library

We stumbled upon a gallery of design patterns today hosted on Flickr, thanks to Chris Messina of Citizen Agency.

References for Further Reading on Field Studies

For our recent Field Studies Virtual Seminar attendees and anyone interested in learning more about Field Research, here is Kate Gomoll’s list of resources on Field Studies. You can also expect a new UIE Research Report detailing the ins and outs of the entire Field Study process from Kate and her colleagues, Ellen Story Church […]

Paper Prototyping – Highly Effective Lo-Fi

Our friends at the highly respected A List Apart have come out this week with an article near and dear to us, Paper Prototyping. …the prototyping stage is the right time to catch design flaws and change directions, and the flexibility and disposability of paper encourages experimentation and speedy iteration. Instead of “deleting” hours worth […]

Putting the Fun in Functional — Etech Presentation by Amy Jo Kim

This slide deck from Amy Jo Kim, Creative Director for game designer ShuffleBrain, has a great description of what makes games fun and how it could enhance your designs.

Good Listen – Manager Tools: Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships

User experience teams serve the various product groups within the organization, helping them create the best possible product or service. This can only happen if the team has a great relationship with the group.

The Task Analysis Grid

Few people are as full of surprises as Todd Warfel, who brings us an ingenious 3-foot wide communication tool.