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President of eBay Marketplaces Does Site Visits

Someone once told me that if a CEO of a major corporation wanted to get his people focused on something, all he had to do was to buy 3 books on the subject and leave them in a pile on his desk, where all his subordinates can see them. I guess that’s what interested me […]

Hidden Delights in Everyday Software

Designers don’t always get to build marquis software. Not every project is going to be the next Flickr or YouTube. A lot of designers butter their bread on everyday software, which may not be as glamorous, but is certainly important to the target audience. Everyday, however, doesn’t need to need mean mundane. A touch of […]

Schwab’s Approach to Managing Change has done a pretty good job of managing change on their site. They announced the pending change on the “positions” page months before they made the change, complete with a link to see the new page (not a screen shot, but an actual page with your stocks). Now, months after the change, they still have a link back to the old page.