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Caroline Jarrett – Designing Effective Surveys

Getting data from your users is a fundamental part of creating great user experiences. Surveys are a great way to get feedback and learn about your users. The problem is everyone has sat through a painful, monotonous survey that asked a series of frustrating and seemingly pointless questions. As with anything in UX, if your users sense they’re in for a painful experience they simply won’t engage with your survey.

10 Tips for Designing Effective Surveys – A 2/28 Next Step Virtual Seminar

Sure, you already know that data-driven decision-making can be a great thing. And a survey can be a great way of getting hold of a lot of data. But if you’ve ever had to complete a frustrating survey asking seemingly mindless questions, and we all have, then the idea of having to design one yourself […]

19 Lessons from United Airlines on How To Build A Crappy Survey

As I was boarding my fourth airplane for the week, I noticed a wifi decal on the fuselage. I’ve used wi-fi on planes before (primarily Virgin America, my favorite airline), but this was the first time I saw it on a United flight (and I’ve flown 74 United flights so far this year). While I […]