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Wanted: Amazing Web Developer Intern

We’re looking for an amazing Web Developer Intern for a paid, 4-month internship. It starts in August 2014 in our offices just north of Boston. Fast Forward Four Months… We’d like to thank you for doing a fantastic job as our 2014 Fall Web Developer Intern. You’ve excelled at maintaining, editing, and documenting our stable […]

UIEtips: Dissecting Design – Part 2

In this week’s UIEtips, we offer part two of Ben Callahan’s article, Dissecting Design. In it, he explores which tools are the most helpful for different parts of the design process. Ben was one of our top speakers at this year’s UX Immersion Mobile Conference and we’re pleased to have him back for our next virtual seminar […]

UIE’s All You can Learn, a library of the skills and techniques you need to create great design

When design teams think about their project work, part of that process is identifying skills that the entire team will need, or techniques and abilities that one or more contributor may need to “bump up.”  It’s all here.  You now have at your fingertips an extensive collection of the best thinkers, showing you how to […]

Sign up by 2/11 for UXIM Mobile Conference and Save $300

The increasing use of mobile devices makes designing sites and apps more complex. To design for the user, you have to completely change the ways you work and learn new tools, techniques, and patterns for success. We built the UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Denver, CO April 7-9 to help you meet those challenges. You’ll be […]

The Insider Scoop on the Must-Attend Mobile UX Conference of 2014

The mobile boom can be daunting. More and more users are accessing your site and products on their mobile devices, making a clear case for you to know how to design for those experiences. Designers must create designs that function across multiple devices. Good design practices are being changed by a need for cross-platform experiences, […]

Jeff Gothelf: The Champion of Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf knows better than anyone the importance of validating product ideas and concepts early in the design process to ensure you’re on the right track. He also knows the value of using rapid prototyping techniques and how to focus your efforts on achieving a business outcome rather than building features. If you agree with these […]

UIE Seeks a Masterful Marketing Maven

Director of Marketing at User Interface Engineering Fast Forward One Year: We want to thank you for crafting and executing a marketing strategy for User Interface Engineering. Here’s what happened under your leadership: You increased our revenues beyond our wildest dreams because of your ingenious unified approach that clearly tied all of our products and […]

Current Virtual Seminar Lobby Music Playlist

A lot of people have been asking us for the full list of songs that we play before our virtual seminars. Here is the current list of our Virtual Seminar Lobby music (You might notice we here at UIE are particularly fond of covers.): Time Is Running Out – by The Section Quartet Still Alive […]

Are you UIE’s newest Back-end Web Developer?

Fast Forward One Year… We’d like to thank you for your fantastic job of building and maintaining the business-critical server functionality that keeps User Interface Engineering running. Your hard work has driven our revenue to new levels, increased our productivity, and helped us enter new markets that we only dreamed of before you arrived. We’re […]

Wanted: Amazing Front End Web Developer Intern

We’re looking for an amazing Front End Web Developer Intern for a paid, 4-month internship. Fast Forward Four Months… We’d like to thank you for doing a fantastic job as our 2012 Fall Front End Web Developer Intern. You’ve driven the launch of a new subscription program for our virtual seminars. You worked your magical […]