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Designing for Micro-moments – A May 8 Virtual Seminar

If you want a no-nonsense approach to UX design—one that doesn’t get distracted by checkboxes or diluted deliverables—then you’ll want to join us this Wednesday for our next Virtual Seminar – Designing for Micro-moments. Micro-moments are the smallest units of interaction in an online experience. Do you want to find your micro-moments and make frictionless […]

Typography in Responsive Web Design
Our April 18 Virtual Seminar

Join us on April 18, as Richard Rutter tackles a long awaited virtual seminar topic – typography. When you’re dealing with different screen sizes and devices, you need to consider how web typography works fit in. In Typography in Responsive Web Design, Richard will explain why typography is like a visual hierarchy. He’ll show you […]

UIEtips: Mobile UX’s Tsunami-Sized Ripple Effects

In this week’s UIEtips, I look at how mobile technology affects our design and development decisions and how it changes the user experience. Here’s an excerpt from the article It’s a big deal. A really big deal. The pebble of the mobile phone hitting the market has grown into a massive, earth-moving force of nature […]

Talking Tweets – Early September 2010

You know we like to share resources that make your job a little easier. Talking Tweets, will periodically summarize the more popular tweets from the Twitterverse that caught our attention. Don’t want to wait a week or two for these resources? Follow UIE on Twitter now and get updated instantly. We get excited when folks […]

Where Design & Marketing Meet

The disciplines of experience design and marketing overlap, but sometimes the measurements for their success butt heads. You want your users to find exactly what they’re looking for, and for that content to be easily understood. Yet there’s conflict with marketing due to different goals and objectives, such as chasing paid search or other SEO […]

UX Around the Campfire?

We all use stories to communicate, explore, persuade, and inspire. In user experience, stories help us better understand our users, learn about their goals, explain our research, and demonstrate our design ideas. Basing stories on fact (data or knowledge embedded in your organization, or even new information) will help you communicate your own ideas effectively. […]

Heat Up Your UX Skills and Get a Chance for an Apple iPad

Do you have iPad envy? Wishing you had one of these beauties to watch videos, read books, do work, and take with you to the User Interface 15 conference? We can fix that. We’re giving away 4 of the most wanted, hard to come by items around – the Apple iPad. Anyone who registers for […]

Content Strategy, Maximizing a Business Asset

Companies and agencies spend months and millions of dollars on how they’ll deliver content online, yet allocate very few resources toward creating and governing the content itself. Our users deserve more than the last-minute content they often get stuck with. And you have the power to change that. It’s time to take charge and manage […]

The Promise of Folksonomies, Real or hype?

When folksonomies showed up almost 10 years ago, they promised to make information on our sites easier to use. After all, if users apply their own tags to every piece of content, everything will be easier to find, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Our favorite taxonomy and category expert, Stephanie Lemieux, has spent the last […]

Got Questions? Robert Hoekman & I Might Have Answers

Robert Hoekman, Jr and I are teaming forces once again, to do our best to answer your UX questions. If you’re not familiar with it, Robert and I do a little podcast show we call Userability. You ask us a question. We give you an answer. Occasionally, we give you a good answer. Sometimes, we […]