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Heat Up Your UX Skills and Get a Chance for an Apple iPad

Do you have iPad envy? Wishing you had one of these beauties to watch videos, read books, do work, and take with you to the User Interface 15 conference? We can fix that. We’re giving away 4 of the most wanted, hard to come by items around – the Apple iPad. Anyone who registers for […]

Content Strategy, Maximizing a Business Asset

Companies and agencies spend months and millions of dollars on how they’ll deliver content online, yet allocate very few resources toward creating and governing the content itself. Our users deserve more than the last-minute content they often get stuck with. And you have the power to change that. It’s time to take charge and manage […]

The Promise of Folksonomies, Real or hype?

When folksonomies showed up almost 10 years ago, they promised to make information on our sites easier to use. After all, if users apply their own tags to every piece of content, everything will be easier to find, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Our favorite taxonomy and category expert, Stephanie Lemieux, has spent the last […]

Got Questions? Robert Hoekman & I Might Have Answers

Robert Hoekman, Jr and I are teaming forces once again, to do our best to answer your UX questions. If you’re not familiar with it, Robert and I do a little podcast show we call Userability. You ask us a question. We give you an answer. Occasionally, we give you a good answer. Sometimes, we […]

Ad Hoc Personas

Treat your team to a conference-quality seminar right from your own office. Join us for the next UIE Virtual Seminar, The Power of Ad Hoc Personas: Truly Practical Methods to Get Your Organization On the Same Page, with Tamara Adlin, Thursday, February 18. When you kick off a project right, everything is much easier. When […]

Icons & Images on December 3

One of our most popular UIE Virtual Seminar presenters is back, sharing his thoughts with you on visual design.  On December 3, Patrick Hofmann drills down into one of his favorite topics, Effective Use of Icons & Images. Icons and images are being used more today than ever before to aid people in finding information. […]

The Challenge of Sign-up – an Upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar

UIE Virtual Seminar – Designing for Sign-up with Joshua Porter Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008 Time: 1:30pm ET (Please note the special start time) Is sign-up part of your design? How do you engage users long enough to motivate them to take that precarious step of giving you information? What methods do you use to […]

Testing Your Critiquing Skills: ‘Get Ready’ Preview

In next week’s UIE Virtual Seminar, Testing Your Critiquing Skills, you’ll get to compare your critiques of our selected sites against my critiques. We’ll see if you found the same things I found and we’ll look at your style and technique for critiquing. To help you prepare, I’ve created this little preview. [If you haven't […]

UIEtips Article: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Evaluating Design Alternatives

Every week, teams approach us looking to conduct their first usability study. Having spent months (sometimes years) arguing the value of a study with their management, they’ve finally received the necessary approval. Under the guise of making this study as valuable as possible, these teams make the novice mistake of trying to do too much. […]

UIEtips Article: Seven Critical Decisions for Designing Effective Applications, Part II

As we continue our research into what separates the best design teams from the rest, we see one factor consistently bubbling to the top: an attention to the user’s entire experience. This attention comes in the way the team thinks about their design. Are the elements designed right? Do they account for where the user […]