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SpoolCast: Backstage at 37signals with Jason Fried

Jason Fried brings a unique viewpoint to any design discussion, one informed by years of success with his company, 37signals. Recently, Jared Spool was able to chat with Jason about 37signals’ current work. If you’re joining us at the UIE Web App Masters Tour in Minneapolis or Philadelphia, Jason will go into even more detail

A Practitioners Guide to Prototyping

Our March 31 webinar, A Practitioners Guide to Prototyping, is full of great stuff for you: a critical topic, a rock star presenter, loads of actionable takeaways, a free PDF copy of an acclaimed book, a bonus seminar. What more could you want for your team? Prototyping is an iterative process. You discover what works, […]

SpoolCast: Design Lessons from Facebook’s 350 Million with Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo is the principal designer behind the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect experiences, and has contributed to the last two major site redesigns. She sat down to chat with our Jared Spool.

SpoolCast: Effective Moderating for Usability Testing Followup

Back in October, we asked usability testing expert Beth Loring to present a UIE Virtual Seminar on how to Effectively Moderate Usability Tests. As is often the case, we got lots of great questions from the live audience, but just couldn’t get to them all. Adam and Beth got together to record this podcast and cover some of the remaining issues.

The Art of Asking the Question

The topic of our next UIE Virtual Seminar is so important, and no one talks about it. On Thursday, January 28, Steve Portigal will deliver his talk: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don’t Leave Key Information Behind. (Oh, and by the way, our last event sold out, so you’ll want to Register your […]

SpoolCast: Recruiting for Usability Testing Followup

User experience research lives or dies by the appropriateness of the participants in the study. If the participants match the real users, you’re set. We held a Virtual Seminar with Dana Chisnell to discuss recruiting for usability testing, and this is the followup podcast to that seminar. In the podcast, Dana answers remaining questions from the seminar.

UIEtips: Moderating with Multiple Personalities: 3 Roles for Facilitating Usability Tests

Sometimes, just adding a mental image to something difficult can make it dramatically easier. I discovered this while helping people learn to become better usability test moderators. Moderating a usability test is difficult. There’s a lot going on, and you have to keep it all moving. Years ago, when we were privileged to have Carolyn […]

Effectively Moderating Usability Tests, October 21

You’ve just been asked to moderate a usability test. Whether it’s your first or your 199th, do you know how to do it and capture the best results? Will you be able to start it without a lump in your throat, or without being distracted by the thought that your every move is being watched? […]

UIEtips article: Avoiding Demographics When Recruiting Participants

User research is now a critical tool in the toolbox of design teams. However, it only works well if you involve the right participants in the study. Having the participants that match the design’s audience will give the team feedback on what works well and where the design needs rethinking. By learning from the participants, the team […]

Usability Testing: Do You Have the Right People In the Room?

In our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Recruiting for Usability Testing on Wednesday, September 30, usability testing expert Dana Chisnell shows you how to maximize your time and money on the right participants to get the right results.   User experience research lives or dies by the appropriateness of the participants in the study. UX researchers just […]