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Learn from the Master of Designing Seductive Interactions

What is Seductive Interaction Design? More and more, we’re seeing web sites use rewards systems, competitions, and fun progress indicators to get people engaged. Interactions such as these trigger different elements of human behavior and encourage your visitors to engage with your web site more. They differentiate the casual glance from a longer involvement with […]

UIEtips: Interviews with 2 UX Experts

You’re in the middle of your workout. Working up a good sweat, listening to music, zoning out, when it suddenly hits you (sort of like the V-8 commercials), you could have been listening to a Spoolcast interview with an accomplished UX expert. Why not workout your brain too? Regularly, we produce podcast interviews from UX […]

Web App Masters: A Simple Ladder of Engagement

Clearly, Twitter has taken off like a wild fire. Current figures say there are 190 million users. An impressive number, but could it be higher? At the Web App Masters Tour in Philadelphia, Mark Trammell of Twitter shows us how Twitter helps one-time users become loyal repeaters. Mark shared the project’s successes and failures, and […]