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UI14 Session Sampler: Leah Buley’s A UX Team of One.

An audio selection from Leah Buley’s A UX Team of One 7.5MB – 14min 15sec If you didn’t attend the User Interface Conference this year, you may have missed the buzz over Leah Buley’s session entitled “How to be a User Experience Team of One”. Attendees loved it. Leah gave them tips and techniques used […]

SpoolCast: Getting to Good Design Faster

Leah Buley brings us her insight to getting to the good design faster in your process and improving the input you receive from your organization. There are some great ideas here that you should listen to.

SpoolCast: Roughing it with Interactive Prototypes

Planning documents for web app projects are often overlooked, despite their importance in the success of the product. James Box and Richard Rutter of Clearleft share their successful process of creating rough interactive prototypes for clients when creating web applications.

@SemanticWill’s Process of Wireframing

Over at Semantic Foundry, designer extraordinaire, Will Evans, has a wonderful essay explaining how he uses wireframing as both a problem setting and a problem solving approach. I pick my primary audience and the one activity which allows them to solve one goal quickly, effortlessly, elegantly. In this case, the primary audience wants to easily […]