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UIE Roadshow

Secrets Behind Designing Great User Experiences

Jared M. Spool brings a new, full-day workshop to Seattle, Denver,
and Washington DC.

What does the Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii, and Netflix Movie Service all have in common? They are all runaway business successes built on great experiences.

What would it take for your team to design your industry's iPod or Netflix? That question has been the focus of User Interface Engineering's world-renowned research team for the last 9 years, as we looked to discover what it took to create great user experiences. And now, we're ready to share with you the secrets we've uncovered in this brand new workshop.

We have put together an amazing full-day program for you and your team, chock full of remarkable insights and solid take-aways. Previously only available to UIE's biggest clients, the information you'll take home will inspire you to make your design into a fantastic user experience.

The Perfect Topic for Today's Economy

In a tough economy, organizations put every project under the magnifying glass, seeking to understand exactly where the payoffs will be coming from. Teams everywhere are now under intense pressure to explain how their work will make a positive impact and move the organization closer to its goals.

That's why experience design has become a strategic tool for most organizations. Great experiences for customers, vendors, partners, employees, and shareholders create long-lasting bonds and strengthen their engagement with the brand. Why would someone pay more than $4 for a coffee at Starbucks when they can get a cup at a diner for $1? Because of the great experience that comes with the purchase. When your customers will pay a premium price for an improved experience, you've got a solid business case for good design.

Great experiences reduce friction and instill delight. A well-designed checkout process, for example, will feel fast, natural, and friendly, encouraging customers to increase their order size, return frequently to make more purchases, and recommend the business to their friends and family. Expanding the online experience to dovetail with offline touchpoints has proven to cement a solid customer loyalty and proven profits. (One has to look no further than the integration of Apple stores with the Apple.com website to see this in action.)

If your organization is feeling the intense pressure from these tight economic conditions, this is a must-attend workshop. We've carefully crafted the day's agenda to ensure every point, suggestion, and recommendation is in tune with delivering successful results to your organization. There are no silver bullets and it won't be easy, but you can be sure the effort will pay off. And, after attending, you'll know the language you'll need to ensure the rest of your organization gets it too.

Discounted Pricing

Knowing that times are tough for folks, we've made a special effort to make this roadshow a very affordable event. We think it's important to get the word out, so we've priced this full-day workshop for far less than other programs. And we're offering steep discounts if you bring your entire group with you. Make sure you check out our group pricing.

What Makes Great Experiences Great?

From the moment you arrive at this full-day workshop, you'll start learning what it takes to make a great experience. You'll learn proven step-by-step techniques used by today's top organizations to generate both immediate results and long-term benefits. You'll see detailed examples of what makes a great experience, from recognized leaders such as Google, Crutchfield, Microsoft, Disney, and Nintendo.

This workshop is not a high-level, Kum Ba Yah, preaching-to-the-choir, cheerleading session about why good experience is important. On the contrary: it's a working session. You'll conduct a thorough assessment of your organization, your market, and your team. Youíll define and render an experience vision. And, because we've deliberately structured the day to encourage it, you'll talk about the specific obstacles and challenges your team faces and receive solid guidance on how to overcome them.

Over the day, recognized industry leader, Jared M. Spool, will take you through these sessions:

Read the detailed program description.

Roadshow Workshop Leader: Jared M. Spool

There's a reason why Jared M. Spool is one of the world's most sought after presenters: He's really knowledgeable, really funny, and has a way of explaining complicated concepts so that everybody gets it. Even his mother adores him. Jared will make sure you have an enjoyable day, filled with good laughs and great insights.

Jared M. Spool

Jared Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering