UIE Roadshow: Know Your Users

UIE Roadshow: Know Your Users

3 back-to-back events featuring the biggest experts in field techniques, persona development, and usability testing

The most valuable asset of a successful design team is the information they have about their users. When teams know the right information, it's easier to design powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. When they don't, every little design decision becomes a painful struggle.

At User Interface Engineering, we’ve learned the most important step in creating successful designs is to Know Your User. That’s why we’ve created a new program to help you identify all the information you need about your audience. This winter, you can attend three days of full-day seminars, uncovering the essential techniques for understanding user needs: Field Studies, Personas, and Usability Testing.

We’ve recruited Kate Gomoll, Ellen Story, Kim Goodwin, and Ginny Redish—four of the world's most knowledgeable web design and usability experts—to unveil these user research techniques, complete with a boatload of examples, entertaining commentary, and inspirational insights. All of this at an affordable price!

UIE Roadshow Full-Day Seminars:

Registration Pricing: $529 per day. Or, sign up for all three events for only $1,167!

Day 1: Discovering User Needs: Field Techniques You Can Use

Kate Gomoll and Ellen Story

Kate Gomoll & Ellen Story, Gomoll Research & Design

When it comes to your users, do you really know what they want? Many design teams tell us they are missing the key information they need to get into their users' mind. Without this information, the designs fall short of delighting their users.

If you’re unsure whether you’re getting the most from your user research, one of your most powerful tools is the Field Study. Field studies immerse the team in the users' environment, where they observe critical details they can't discover any other way.

We are so excited by the power of Field Studies that we've invited Kate Gomoll and Ellen Story, two leaders in practical user research techniques, to present, "Discovering User Needs: Field Techniques You Can Use" at the UIE Roadshow.

In this full-day seminar, you will learn how to plan field studies, how to create a detailed task analysis, and how to conduct contextual interviews. Kate and Ellen will share creative ideas for collecting and using data, as well as tips for planning and conducting the visits. You'll learn tools collectively for a thorough analysis or individually when your budgets are constrained.

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Day 2: Using Personas to Guide Design

Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin, Cooper

Are you designing for too many different users, each with conflicting goals? Is your team struggling to agree on a common design because everyone has a different opinion about what’s right? Do you have trouble communicating your users’ needs to the rest of your team?

To deal with these critical issues, Cooper’s Kim Goodwin created a new one-day seminar just for the UIE Roadshow. After observing users in context and gathering user goals and attitudes through field studies, the next major focus for teams is Persona creation. The talented folks at Cooper invented the concept of Personas and Kim Goodwin has played a major role in developing and refining the technique. She is *the* expert to turn to for guidance when creating personas.

In this full-day seminar, you will learn to uncover user goals with interviews, to build an effective persona, to translate user observations into Personas, and to leverage Personas to persuade and educate stakeholders. This is the most detailed one-day Persona seminar you’ll ever attend!

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Day 3: Honing Your Usability Testing Skills

Ginny Redish

Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates

Usability testing is a powerful tool. It guides the design of products. It informs us on the behaviors and expectations of users. And, it gives teams a way to measure how close they are to achieving their goals.

To get the most out of every usability test and make the biggest impact on your designs, here’s your opportunity to refine your usability testing skills. We’ve asked Ginny Redish, co-author of the seminal book, A Practical Guide to Usability Testing, to share her insights into today's usability testing techniques. In this interactive, one-day seminar, you will conduct multiple usability tests and analyze the results, dissecting your current practices and exploring alternative approaches.

You will learn testing techniques covering every area of usability testing, including both planning and designing tests. It’s the best tune-up you’ll ever get.

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