Expert Speakers

There is no better way to start knowing your users and understanding their needs than to hear our expert speakers. This year, we’ve recruited Kim Goodwin, Kate Gomoll, Ellen Story, and Ginny Redish to help you gather the knowledge you need to satisfy and delight your users.

Our expert speakers don't come to these UIE Roadshow cities very often, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Kate Gomoll, Founding Principal, Gomoll Research & Design

Kate Gomoll

Kate Gomoll is an expert in the field of interface design and usability and is widely known for her practical, straight-forward approach to research and design. Kate is the Founder of Gomoll Research & Design, a firm specializing in user experience design. Through 16 years of practice, Kate has acquired both depth of knowledge and range of experience -- invaluable tools for a leader and mentor. She has conducted research for many clients, including Charles Schwab, DirecTV, Hewlett-Packard, Onyx Software, Netscape, UNext, and WebTV.

Kate's user observation guidelines appear in both The Art of Human Computer Interface Design and The Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines. Her advice on writing user profiles appears in the book, Web Re-design: Workflow that Works. Kate teaches customer research methods at conferences and workshops worldwide. For seven years, she taught field study methods as part of a 3-day workshop for UCLA Extension. She also taught this tutorial at the Usability Professionals' Association annual conference, the CHI annual conference, and the User Interface Conferences. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and an M.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon.

On Day 1, Kate Gomoll and Ellen Story will co-present the full-day seminar, Discovering User Needs: Field Techniques You Can Use.

Kim Goodwin, VP Design & General Manager, Cooper

Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin's design expertise and teaching skill have made her popular as a speaker at conferences, universities, and corporate events. At Cooper, Kim applies her years of experience as a creative director to ensure excellent delivery of Cooper's design consulting and training services. Kim has played a major role in developing Cooper's Goal-Directed methods and has led the effort to turn those methods into an interaction design curriculum. Kim has led a wide range of design projects, from e-commerce applications to information appliances, IP telephony systems, and healthcare applications. In addition to her work with clients and industry leadership, Kim provides career management to designers, works with the Director of Design R&D to improve Cooper's design methods, and keeps the design department running smoothly.

On Day 2, Kim Goodwin will present her full-day seminar, Personas: Modeling the Users and Customers.

Janice (Ginny) Redish, Ph.D., President, Redish & Associates

Ginny Redish

As one of the premier usability experts in the field, Ginny Redish helps companies and agencies bring user-centered design into their processes. She greatly enjoys mentoring people who want to learn more about how to make products and processes work for people and how to communicate clearly.

In 1979, Ginny founded the Document Design Center at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC, which she directed for 13 years. There, she and her colleagues studied the problems that people have with workplace documents and helped major companies and government agencies develop model print and online documents. In 1985, Ginny set up one of the first independent usability test laboratories in North America where she and her colleagues had users come to try out interfaces and documentation for clients including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SAP, and Sony. Since 1992, Ginny has been working with private companies and government agencies as a consultant in usability and documentation. Most of her work today is helping clients make information-rich web sites and web applications meet both business goals and users’ needs.

On Day 3 of the Roadshow, Ginny Redish will present her full-day seminar, Honing Your Usability Testing Skills.

Ellen Story, Consultant, Gomoll Research & Design

Ellen Story

Ellen Story has been designing, reviewing, and testing user interfaces for more than 15 years. Ellen is very experienced conducting user research in workplaces and in people’s homes. While compiling data for WebTV research, Ellen began creating illustrated stories of study participants. The illustrated story format is now a key research deliverable from Gomoll Research & Design.

Ellen also has extensive experience conducting and reporting on usability tests. She has conducted user research and usability testing across the country and internationally. She has tested a wide range of designs from paper prototypes to installed products. Customers include Charles Schwab & Company, Cisco Systems, PCTEL, and Hewlett Packard.

Since joining Gomoll Research & Design, Ellen has helped numerous clients with field research, interface design, prototyping, and usability testing. She has taught design and usability workshops at the Usability Professionals’ Association annual conference, the CHI annual conference, previous User Interface Conferences, and at customer sites.

On Day 1, Kate Gomoll and Ellen Story will co-present the full-day seminar, Discovering User Needs: Field Techniques You Can Use.