Aviva Rosenstein Aviva Rosenstein
Salesforce.com: Designing the Experience of The Clouds

Salesforce.com is at the leading edge of cloud-based application design.

Aviva Rosenstein works in the fast paced world of Salesforce.com, where she’s responsible for simplifying the complexity of today’s toughest business problems. Working alongside a team of developers, Aviva works to bring good design practice directly into their development process. She’ll share her team’s pioneering techniques for integrating their user experience design efforts into the results of their Agile scrum teams.

Get an inside look into Salesforce.com’s design process, seeing how they take advantage of cutting-edge techniques, such as personas and postcard patterns. Learn how the UX team has injected design studios into the scrum team’s workflow, and how they make the users a prominent part of the design process. Explore how they inspire innovation by socializing design principles at both the executive and team levels. Aviva’s insights will get your gears turning with new ideas on exactly how to bring out your own organization’s best work.

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