Steve Portigal Steve Portigal
Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside in

Sure, you can get a good idea while sketching at the whiteboard or talking in the corporate conference room. However, the best ideas happen when you go into the field and see what’s really happening with your current and future users. It’s there that you uncover the details that will lead you to groundbreaking insights about what your design can really do.

If you’ve never done fieldwork, or want to learn the latest techniques for extracting brilliant design ideas from your customer visits, you’re in luck. We’ve got Steve Portigal, a world-renown expert in ethnography and innovation, to show you exactly how it’s done and what you’ll learn. He’ll show you several time-proven approaches for recruiting participants, executing the field visits, and analyzing the data, so you can pick the ones that’ll work best in your current situation. Uncover innovation in your own designs by taking your research out of your office.

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