Web App Masters 2011 OnDemand Details

With Web Masters 2011 OnDemand your whole organization can have a web app toolkit at its fingertips with unlimited access. Whether you refer to it for a quick reference or you schedule a group meeting to hear one of the talks, it’s always available to you and your team, whenever you need it.

Web Masters 2011 OnDemand contains 15 hours of audio presentations in the areas of mobile design, data visualization, user engagement, design patterns, user research, and design process. With the knowledge and insights of these 12 UX experts, you’re guaranteed to make an impact on your web app designs.

Mobile Design

Designing Mobile Web Experiences: Luke Wroblewski
Luke Wroblewski

Each day, device manufacturers ship more than a million touch-screen phones that enable new ways for people to interact with the Web. Learn more about Luke’s talk.

“Luke does a great job breaking it down. He gives practical considerations on why to design for mobile, what to put on a mobile site, and what the restrictions are.”

—Attendee feedback

Mobile Apps - Native or Web-Based: Josh Clark
Josh Clark

When deploying our applications in a mobile world, eventually our conversation turns to the million-dollar question: Do we implement a native app or build a web-based interface? Learn more about Josh’s talk.

“Great summary of the pros/cons with native vs. browser base. Nice definition of 3 mobile mindsets.”

—Attendee feedback

Mobile & UX - Inside the Eye Of the Perfect Storm: Jared Spool
Jared Spool

The world of web application design is expanding at a rapid rate. We’re now expected to design great experiences across a huge variety of platforms, from small screens to large displays. Learn more about Jared’s talk.

“Probably the most useful info I’ve received so far. Exactly what I came to this conference to get.”

—Attendee feedback

Data Visualization and User Engagement

PatientsLikeMe - Adventures with Data Visualizations: Kate Brigham
Kate Brigham

Kate Brigham and her PatientsLikeMe UX team have set out to do the impossible: make sense of the emerging patterns that come during a long-term illness. Learn more about Kate’s talk.

“Great examples that show how to communicate complicated info and help users enter information.”

—Attendee feedback

The Quest for Emotional Engagement: Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson

Technology has proven it can help us be a better person. It’s encouraging us to exercise more or eat right, monitoring our medications to ensure we’re getting the best results, or helping us develop better techniques to manage our productivity. Learn more about Stephen’s talk.

“Stephen Anderson’s talk was packed with information and great visual examples.”

—Attendee feedback

The Steps To Beautiful Visualizations: Noah Iliinsky
Noah Iliinsky

Learn to paint information landscapes with your data, taking advantage of the brain’s superior data processing power. Learn more about Noah’s talk.

“This was a great talk. I learned a lot about choosing appropriate data visualization methods and techniques. I now have a clearer image of what a visualization should hold.”

—Attendee feedback

User Research and Data Driven Designs

Design Fieldwork - Uncovering Innovation from the Outside in: Steve Portigal
Steve Portigal

Sure, you can get a good idea while sketching at the whiteboard or talking in the corporate conference room. However, the best ideas happen when you go into the field and see what’s really happening with your current and future users. Learn more about Steve’s talk.

“Re-confirmed a lot of things for me. Good insights. Steve’s talk reminded me of things I need to think about and clarify before we move forward.”

—Attendee feedback

Facebook - Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions: Julie Zhuo
Julie Zhuo

When you have billions of clicks in your analytics log files, how do you pick out the right ones for making decisions? Learn more about Julie’s talk.

“Demonstrated a real world application of UX design and lessons learned. It was interesting to learn how Facebook uses data to make valuable design decisions.”

—Attendee feedback

Design Process

Salesforce.com - Designing the Experience of The Clouds:
Aviva Rosenstein
Aviva Rosenstein

Aviva Rosenstein works in the fast paced world of Salesforce.com, where she’s responsible for simplifying the complexity of today’s toughest business problems. Learn more about Aviva’s talk.

“Large companies can create and maintain an agile UX process. This was encouraging! Best of the day!”

—Attendee feedback

AARP - Designing a Strategy for Organizational Transformations: Mike Lee
Mike Lee

It’s a classic tale: the decades-old traditional organization finds itself in a new world, with rapidly changing technologies. How does it take advantage of everything that’s new, while keeping hold of the traditions that have made it great? Learn more about Mike’s talk.

“Moving a big corporation is not easy, but it can be done and done well. This was a fascinating case study.”

—Attendee feedback

The Essential Principles Behind Great Design Principles:
Jared Spool
Jared Spool

A great set of design principles brings a team together. The principles give the team a way to pull the great design ideas out of the ordinary. Learn more about Jared’s talk.

“I learned a real process that works that I can take back and use. He gave me ideas for making research realistic at my company.”

—Attendee feedback

Designing for Mice and Men: Bill Scott
Bill Scott

Sure, you can get a good idea while sketching at the whiteboard or talking in the corporate conference room. However, the best ideas happen when you go into the field and see what’s really happening with your current and future users. Learn more about Bill’s talk.

“Nice Comparison [of design patterns used] among mouse/cellphone/tablet/TV. Explained how to vary content across platforms design for posture, input, styles, etc.”

—Attendee feedback

Conducting Successful Kickoff Meetings: Kevin Hoffman
Kevin Hoffman

Web apps requires some amazing design thinking. Yet the meetings we have around building these apps are rarely well planned.

“Great practical advice! It was all important. Kevin rocks. Loved the four areas of focus for conducting meetings successfully.”

—Attendee feedback

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