Free Audio Recordings from Last Year’s Web App Masters Tour

We’re celebrating this year’s fantastic program by giving everyone free access to last year’s great show. The recordings contain great information like dealing with complex navigation, integrating social components, moving away from static forms, and using design patterns.

You’ll hear from top web app masters like Luke Wroblewski, Hagan Rivers, Bill Scott, Stephen Anderson, and Jared Spool. And you’ll get the details on Facebook, Twitter, 37signals, and Marriott Corporation’s design process.

How do you get the free recordings?

It’s easy. Just submit your email address and you’ll get last year’s Web App Masters Tour talks and materials. No tricks, no quantity limits. We’ll send you an email with details on how to access this bundle of goodness.

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Interested in this year’s Web App Masters Tour?

Over 2 days you’ll hear top designers from Facebook,, AARP, PatientsLikeMe and Netflix talk about their experiences designing their web-based applications. More than half the conference focuses on mobile design, including Luke Wroblewski discussing about mobile strategy, Josh Clark explaining the differences between mobile native apps versus browser-based applications, and Jared Spool looking at how mobile affects UX. And you’ll discover how emotionally connecting with your users and spending time with them can dramatically change how they use your applications.

Learn more about the 2011 Web App Masters Tour.

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