Brain Sparks Live: The Confidence Game — 10/27/05

Jared Spool

October 20th, 2005

In a week, I’ll be presenting the second in our Boston Brain Sparks Live series. This time, the talk is about the confidence that users receive from the information architecture of a site.

I’ve given this talk at the IA Summit (apparently clownishly — is that bad?) and a couple of other places. It’s been very well received.

If you find yourself in the Boston area on Thursday, October 27, consider attending. It’s only $7 if you register in advance. That includes cheese, a pasta bar, and a free drink — beat that price!

More information here.

(For those not in the Boston area, watch this space for postings on an available audio recording and slides.)

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  1. | Live search explained Says:

    […] Ok, this is nice. I hate remembering the airport code. And I hate having to go to another page to find out that the site could not figure out what I meant. Jakob Nielsen states as one of his ten usability principles, Error Prevention. Providing the feedback instantaneously to cue me to what the system thinks is great. Saves me time and makes me feel like I am narrowing in on the right thing. This probably ties in with Jared Spool’s research on The Confidence Game which shows that users are happy to click and click as long as they feel confident they are reaching their goal. Here I have the best of both worlds. Raise my confidence and do it with the minimal effort! […]

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