Record-setting Roadshow Response

Jared Spool

November 26th, 2005

A little more than a week ago, we announced our latest UIE Roadshow tour.

Within minutes of the announcement, we’d received our first registration and they haven’t stopped coming in.

This is the third time Christine & I are hitting the road and it’s the first time we’ve seen this kind of immediate response. Usually, we get a burst of registrations right before the registration deadline (which, this time is December 15), but we’ve never seen such a flood of immediate registrations.

In each of the six cities, we’ve reserved a reasonable size room. However, in some of the cities, such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, we’ve already reserved the largest room at the site. If the registrations keep coming in as they do, we’re likely to sell out in these cities and possibly in all of them. If you’re thinking of registering, you might consider doing it soon.

You can find details about the event here.

2 Responses to “Record-setting Roadshow Response”

  1. Shane Shepherd Says:

    If you were coming anywhere close to Texas I’d try to make it; if you were coming to North Texas (we’re a big state), I’d be there for sure. I guess I’ll catch you next time around. Good luck with the tour…it sounds like you are getting a great response so far!

  2. David Jaeger Says:

    I was hoping for an Orlando appearance as I read through the schedule and was suprised not to see one. If you are taking votes, I have at least 5 Web professionals, plus myself that are raising their hand for an Orlando stop.

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