Bet You Can’t Resist

Joshua Porter

December 7th, 2005 is a fun site that helps you discover new music by making recommendations based on what other people listen to. One of their best features is front and center on their home page, and is nearly impossible to resist.

The feature is simple. You type in the name of a band/artist that you like, spits back related ones, and you learn about bands that you may not have known about. Here is a screenshot: tryout

The designers at have recognized that the best way to get people excited about their service is to let them try it out for free. So they’ve placed this handy tool smack-dab in the center of their home page, giving something for nothing in the hopes that folks will enjoy it enough to sign up for the service.

This is a common trend. The amount of time and energy it takes to try out the myriad of services on the Web is increasing. What can you provide for free that is as irresistable as this music recommendation tool?

Here’s a challenge: go to and resist the recommendation tool. I dare ya. If you possess any ounce of curiosity you’ll need a whole lot of willpower, too.

5 Responses to “ Bet You Can’t Resist”

  1. Scott Mark Says:

    I discovered from a friend’s recommendation yesterday and I’m already hooked! This site is amazing… it’s easily the coolest “Web 2.0” implementation that I have seen yet. I think they have also struck a good balance with AJAX for a better web UI – for example, how you can tag a track and it shows you your tags, let’s you click them, etc. Quality features rather than candy… curious what you guys think.

  2. John Fishman Says:

    Good, thx!

  3. KMB Says:

    I felt the sentence “Type in…” is incomplete. Its missing something like ” to get a list of other artists you might like”.

    I mean you mentioned a recommendation-tool and I all I have seen was something like a giant search-bar.

    The site looks great nevertheless.

  4. Eric Meyer Says:

    “The site is completely useless. It is aimed at people who live under rocks (aka middle america) and have no other way of hearing what’s out there.”

    Mmm, I love the smell of condescension in the morning. It smells like… ignorance.

  5. TheCustomer » UIE Brain Sparks Blogs Last FM Says:

    […] It’s great to see Last FM getting the recognition it deserves – ‘the best of Web 2.0 so far’ Link: UIE Brain Sparks  Blog Archive Bet You Can’t Resist. […]

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