2006 Will Be A Good, Yet Very Busy Year

Jared Spool

January 3rd, 2006

Happy New Year (to all you from cultures who think it’s a New Year).

I’m looking forward at everything we have planned for 2006 and I can tell you I’m very excited.

The 2006 UIE Roadshow is shaping up to be quite popular. (We’ve already exceeded our initial goals and are investigating expanding the program a bit.)

We’ve been working on the program for The User Interface 11 Conference (October 9-12, 2006 in Cambridge MA) and I think we’re going to out-do ourselves. (And UI10 really rocked!)

We’ve got a couple of other programs in the works that we’re excited about. Can’t say much about it, except you are going to wish you had more in your conference budget for this year.

Also, we’ve been busy working on some new reports. I just saw a draft of Christine’s upcoming publication and I think it’s fantastic. (More details in a few weeks.) You’ll see some great titles in the next few months, all at an affordable price. We expect to add new reports to our library throughout the year.

Our first two audio recordings were a tremendous hit, so you can expect a lot more of those. And our Brain Sparks Live programs proved very popular, so we’ll be looking at expanding that program for 2006.

Plus, we’ll be speaking at CHI 2006 in Montreal, the IA Summit in Vancouver, WebVisions 2006 in Portland, Web Design World in San Francisco, and a variety of regional events.

For the last few months, our phones have been ringing off the hook with people inviting us to speak to their organization. We love doing these visits because they allow us to really get to spend time really delving into the hard problems our clients are facing. (Would you like us to come visit your group? Give us a yell!)

Along with all this, we’ll be looking at blasting through our research agenda: creating a new understanding of design in today’s business context. Which will give us even more to talk about with everyone.

Wow! When I list everything going on, it’s quite exhausting! 2006 is going to be so busy that we might just have to take 2007 off!

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