IA Summit Presentation: We Are Not Alone

Jared Spool

March 28th, 2006

I just returned from the IA Summit in Vancouver, which was a great time and tons of fun.

On Saturday, I gave a standing-room only presentation called We Are Not Alone: IA’s Role in Optimal Design Teams. People spent the rest of the weekend thanking me, so I guess it was a success. Here’s the session description:

In most organizations, design is not a solo activity. Different individuals, each with their own set of skills, come together to create an ideal user experience. Yet, we know very little about how to form these groups, and, more specifically, how to best do our jobs within them.

By studying several dozen design teams, the UIE research team has spent the last few years looking at how different compositions lead to the most effective results. How do you build a team to produce the best possible designs?

In this presentation, Jared will discuss the three models of design team organization: Consulting, Review &Approve, and Educate &Administrate. He’ll talk about the different approaches that teams take, where they succeed, and where they run into trouble. He’ll also discuss the differences UIE has found between the approach of a centralized user experience team and distributed approaches that put skilled individuals within each of the development teams. He’ll talk about the issues of scaling design to meet the needs of the enterprise once its value becomes realized and the pitfalls of specialization.

LukeW wrote about it here.

A PDF of my presentation slides are here.

The folks at AOL interviewed me about it here. (Or go to the iTunes Music Store and search for “AOL Mountain View”)

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    […] A PDF of my presentation, We Are Not Alone: IA’s Role in Optimal Design Teams is available here. […]

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    It’s all about the experience

    I will be working on the user experience for Exbiblio. This is an exciting project, and it seems that the whole company is going about the design in the right sort of way. We’re all committed to a great user experience.
    The importance …

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