Article: Where Visual Design Meets Usability – An Interview with Luke Wroblewski, Part II

Jared Spool

June 28th, 2006

UIEtips 6/28/06: Where Visual Design Meets Usability – An Interview with Luke Wroblewski, Part I

Last week, we sent out the first part of our interview with Luke Wroblewski, author of Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability and UI11 speaker, on the topic of where usability meets visual design. (You can read the first part of the interview here. ) This week, we continued the conversation with Luke.

Are you seeing benefits when you combine visual design with usability in your designs? What challenges are you facing trying to make that happen? Join the discussion below.

Luke Wroblewski will be presenting his full-day seminar, Site Seeing: Communicating Successfully with Visual Design, at the upcoming User Interface 11 Conference in Cambridge, MA on October 11. You can read about Luke’s session, along with the other great full-day seminars, here.

Read the article here.

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2 Responses to “Article: Where Visual Design Meets Usability – An Interview with Luke Wroblewski, Part II”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    “Other rich interactions that technologies like Ajax enable, however, don’t just show up when they are useful. In fact, actions like right-click and drag-and-drop aren’t visible at all and are not expected within the Web browser. In these instances, we’ve increased the need for effective visual communication because through the presentation of the interface, we have to tell users these features are available and how to use them.”

    Questions …

    In what other ways is the browser and desktop merging? Will there be a need for the browser in the next few years as the desktop and O/S become more integrated with the internet? If I could launch a web based application independant of the browser, from an icon on the desktop, what does any of the technologies (like AJAX) matter in the long run?

    My call is that people will expect an application to behave like desktop apps (and not care where they reside). There may be some interesting implications on how the designs of GUI and Web UI (WUI) merge and work together.

  2. Sharosh Says:

    In what way can i educate pepoles about visual design and its impact towards the website which is developed , help me with some points where i can educate about information architecture and its consequent effects to the website , thanks

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