Timeline: Look Ma, No Flash!

Jared Spool

July 5th, 2006

If you’re into learning what you can do with DHTML AJAX, here’s a nifty little demonstration:

Excerpt of JFK Timeline

The two timelines move in appropriately when you slide one (without a scrollbar). You can select keywords to filter by. It’s all very cool.

As part of MIT’s SIMILE Project, the Timeline demo is intended to be a Google Maps, but for time-based information.

Tip o’ the hat to Nina for pointing us in this direction.

2 Responses to “Timeline: Look Ma, No Flash!”

  1. mattymcg Says:

    Wow. Now all we need is someone to write a mash-up that mixes Simile with Google Maps, THAT would be cool…

  2. Christian Watson Says:

    I agree that this is a very cool application. However, I wonder if there are any usability issues with it for more non-web savvy users.

    For instance, would they realise that you have to click and drag the timeline in order to move forward and back? Do the events look sufficiently ‘clickable’?

    I’m thinking of using it on one of our web sites, but would certainly want to do some user testing before ‘diving in’.

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