UI11 Flickr Group

Joshua Porter

October 10th, 2006

We’ve set up a Flickr group for those attending UI11 (either in the flesh or vicariously). You can find it here:


Feel free to join the group. The tag we’re using is “UI11”.

Here’s a snapshot we’ve already uploaded to the group. It’s from Jared’s keynote, which we’re listening to now. This is a shot of me and Colin Price, the Manager of Media and Technology at Harvard Health Publications. Colin took this shot with his MacBook Pro’s built-in camera, using one of the image filters in the Photobooth application. I’m jealous…I don’t have a camera on my Mac.

Colin Price and Joshua Porter

For more pics, check out: UI11 Flickr Group

4 Responses to “UI11 Flickr Group”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Another “stellar” conference.

    The *user experience* end to end from – pre-conference blog, to email updates to attendees, to the conference itself … look forward to UI12.

    Congratulations UIE!

  2. Sue Morgan Says:

    Thanks for a great experience in Boston. I learned a lot, and will definitely go back to work energized. It was also good to learn that we are already doing many of the right things already.

    See you next November!

  3. Steve Fisher Says:

    UI11 was amazing – I learned a lot. Even though I am a novice in usability and looking to learn as much as I can, I did not feel overwhelmed at all. It gave me a lot of ideas to bring back to work. Usually, by the end of a conference, I am more than ready to go back home. I could’ve gone at least another day.

  4. Glenn R. Cochran Says:

    I too was very impressed with UI11. This was my first conference hosted by UIE and I will definitely be back for more. The location was perfect, the people were great, and the lessons learned are invaluable. Thanks so much UIE. Here’s too seeing you next year at UI12.

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