Podcast: David Malouf on “What is Rich? Why Do Rich?” from UI11

Jared Spool

December 20th, 2006


BSAL #7: UI11 Presentation: What is Rich? Why Do Rich? by David Malouf (31mb, 1h 27m)
Presentation handouts available here.

Originally recorded at the User Interface 11 Conference, recorded in Cambridge Massachusetts on October 10 2006.

There’s been a lot of talk about Rich Internet Applications (RIA) over the last few years. When the topic was first raised through the release of Flash MX’s change in focus from an interactive animation development studio, to an application development environment, there was an early conversation about trying to define what a rich internet application is. Then as other players tried to enter the field a bit more ferociously, the conversation has turned towards how to make rich internet applications. Not in terms of design, but rather in terms of technology. Little care has been given to the more sensitive topic of what and why.

In this presentation, David Malouf moves beyond the usual story of patterns, code, and tips and tricks, and talk more about aesthetics, experience design, brand, and total environmental context of use. He layers those elements over a discussion around trying to define “richness” in the context of general application design and then try to apply it to a continuum of various types of computer and network based solutions.

David Malouf is a passionate spokesperson for the discipline of Interaction Design. He founded the Interaction Design Association and became its first Vice President, with a keen eye towards evangelizing interaction design in the areas of practice, research, and education.

David is now a Senior User Experience Designer at Symbol Technologies, where he designs a wide array of complex system applications as well as software to run on various types of handheld devices. (At the time of this recording, he was still working at Interlinks, doing similar work.) Over the last 7 years David has designed RIAs ranging from e-commerce sites to enterprise software platforms utilizing a range of technologies including, Java, .NET, Flash, and AJAX.

If you found this presentation interesting, I encourage you to join David live in Monterey, California this January at our UIE Web App Summit. David will co-present, along with Bill Scott from Yahoo, their full-day workshop, Designing Powerful Web Applications using AJAX and RIAs. This workshop was a hit at the UI 11 conference and we expect it to sell out quickly.

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