Josh & Jared Show: Episode #1

Jared Spool

December 29th, 2006


The Josh & Jared Show - Episode #1
The Josh and Jared Show: Episode #1 (24mb, 47m)
Joshua Porter and Jared Spool
Recorded on December 19, 2006 at the studios of User Interface Engineering.
The producer for this episode was Brian Christiansen.

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This is the inaugural episode of a new show we’re temporarily calling The Josh and Jared Show. Every few weeks, my colleague Joshua Porter and I will get together and discuss the interesting happenings in the world of experience design.

This episode focused on the role of information architecture and some of the changes the discipline is undergoing. Among the things Josh and I discussed in this episode are:

We want this show to be interactive. Send us your thoughts and questions. You can post them as a comment to this blog, send them in email, or use the feedback feature of If you’re really adventurous, send us a short (30 seconds or less) audio comment as an MP3 file and we’ll include it in a future episode.

One way you can help us is to suggest new names for the show. While Josh & I are both fond of our names, we think the show could be named something more creative. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Josh & Jared Show: Episode #1”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Saturday morning brainstorm … *rubs eyes*

    * podsparks
    * braincast
    * the looking glass
    * patch me in
    * the view
    * spoolkardo (ok thats probably pushing it too far … sounds like a cognac)

  2. Simen Says:

    I tried to listen to the show at the train this morning. Unfortunately, it was mixed with too low volume to be heard above the noise from the train, even with maximum volume setting on my player.

    Please mix with higher volume! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Rebekah Sedaca Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful, timely, and candid information. Very refreshing and informative. I hope you will continue these. It would be great to have chapters or a time progression in the mp3 display. 45 minutes is kind of along time to look at a gray bar (my mind kept wandering). Even video of the 2 of you talking would be more engaging. As for show name ideas:

    > Usability Dish
    > Dishing it Out
    > Usability Dish – Everything and the kitchen sink
    > J and Js Usability Rap Session

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