UIEtips Article: Taking Time to Tour

Jared Spool

January 12th, 2007

UIEtips 1/12/07: Taking Time to Tour

At my gym, you can tell it’s the New Year. The parking lot is full and the treadmills are going strong. Everyone is resolved to get into better shape, especially after all the “shape-enhancing” meals they enjoyed over the holidays. Traditionally, this only lasts until mid-February, when their loved one pronounces, “I love you just the way you are,” and the need for radical exercise and diet dissipates for all but the most dedicated to the cause.

Here at UIE, we’ve made some resolutions too. With the success of our UIE Virtual Seminar series (more than 6,000 people have participated in last year’s seminars), we plan to bring an even better program this year, with an improved experience.

In 2007, you’ll see more reports in our very popular Designer’s Guide to Web Applications series, along with a couple of new series we’re very excited about. I can’t tell you too much about them, but I know these will be essential additions to your group’s library.

We also have great plans to build up the publicly available content on our web site. Our Brain Sparks blog continues to grow, being a great place to discuss the latest thinking in experience design. The Articles library contains a wealth of knowledge not found anywhere else.

And, you’ll hear new audio recordings from our conferences and summits, and our newest podcast, The Josh and Jared Show, where Josh Porter and I discuss interesting UX happenings. You can listen to the audio recordings here.

If you’re looking for your own resolution, you’ll enjoy today’s UIEtips article, where I discuss the fine art of touring web sites for good design ideas. There’s a gold mine of inspiration out there, waiting for us to explore.

Hagan Rivers, our favorite expert on web app design, has done her own touring and produced a wonderful report, The Designer’s Guide to Web Applications, Part II: Web App Tour 2007. In this beautifully illustrated report, Hagan describes some very interesting aspects of Salesforce.com, Serenata Flowers, 37 Signal’s Backpack, and others. You can get more information on the report here.

Read today’s UIEtips article.

What sites have you toured? Did you find anything interesting? Were you able to overcome your design challenges by seeing how others tackled the same problems? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment and join the discussion below.

[If you find this article interesting, I encourage you to join us in Monterey, California this January for our UIE Web App Summit. I will be presenting the Summit Keynote: Moving Towards Delight: Following the Rapid Evolution of Web-Based Applications. I will predict where web applications are going by looking at where they have been. You don’t want to miss out. See the Summit website for more details.]

2 Responses to “UIEtips Article: Taking Time to Tour”

  1. MJ Brown Says:

    Harry and David – masters of indulgent edibles also have mastered the multiple recipients challenge – and their Gift ListTM reminds you exactly what you sent to whom on what occassion last year and makes suggestions based on that (and based on what’s no longer available).

  2. Gul Khan Says:

    Hi Jarod,

    Great to see that the Virtual Seminar Series is a huge success. It’s a big boost for us folks here on the other side of the world. We’re a UX company based in Singapore and we do feel a bit isolated here at times. That is why these virtual seminars are like a dream come true for us. I do hope you would consider introducing a premium membership program just like what MarketingProfs does. I would sign up in a heartbeat!

    Anyway, with regards to your articles, there’s a little discusion on our newly created blog (http://www.ux.com.sg/?p=49) about what you mean when you say “recruit people who have a passsion for the subject matter”. It’s stated in your Leonardo DiCaprio article.

    I have my own interpretation of what you’re implying but I would love to hear your thoughts. Could you help clarify this point?

    Thank you 🙂

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