UI12 is Coming!

Jared Spool

March 15th, 2007

Mark this in your calendar:

User Interface 12 Conference
November 5-8, 2007
Cambridge, MA

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the program. I think you’re gonna love it.

Plus, UIEtips customers will get access to the sneak preview site, which will include a really sweet early-bird registration bonus. You won’t want to miss that, so sign up here. (Hint: Last year’s bonus was a limited edition UI11 iPod Nano. This year’s will be even better!)

Keep an eye on this spot for more information!

4 Responses to “UI12 is Coming!”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:


  2. Julian Pscheid Says:

    Sweetness! When is the line-up going to be finalized?

  3. Jared Spool Says:

    Julian, you might consider looking at our site on Monday, but that’s just between you and me. Don’t tell anyone I told you.

  4. Julian Pscheid Says:

    Thanks Jared, I’ll be sure to keep it on the DL!

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