Intranet Innovation Awards

Jared Spool

April 3rd, 2007

UIE is a proud sponsor of this year’s Intranet Innovation Awards put on by James Robertson and the brilliant folks at Step Two in Australia.

The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the design and delivery of intranets. The goal is to find these ideas (whether large or small), and to share them with the wider community.

** Uniquely, these awards recognise individual intranet improvements, and not intranets as a whole. **

Intranets must innovate in order to prosper; they must constantly grow and evolve to better meet the needs of the organisations they serve. While there can be no single ‘best intranet’, there are innovative ideas and approaches that warrant recognition.

The Intranet Innovation Awards have therefore been established to celebrate the great work done by intranet teams across the globe, to give them the recognition they deserve.

Gold Awards are given across four different categories, each focusing on a specific aspect of intranets. Platinum Award winners are then chosen to recognise the most extraordinary entries for the year.

These awards are about improving all intranets, by increasing the pace of innovation across the whole of the intranet community. Every idea, no matter how small, adds to our understanding of what it means to have a successful intranet.

The Intranet Innovation Awards have been created by Step Two Designs, a recognised thought-leader in intranet strategy and design. These are also truly global awards, supported by a network of intranet-savvy organisations from the US to the UK, Europe and beyond.

Full details on the awards (including the entry form) are available at Step Two’s Intranet Innovation Awards site. Due date for submissions is May 15.

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