The Benefits of Agile Development on Post-its

Ashley McKee

April 4th, 2007

I just watched a really cool slideshow created by Lisa Reichelt, advocating the benefits of implementing Agile development techniques. Lisa presented the slides at this year’s IA Summit.

We’ve seen that Agile development methods are becoming more and more popular with organizations. Our clients are quickly starting to see the benefits of working together on short product iterations, including faster development lifecycles, improved product quality, and the reduction of “feature creep.”

Is your organization considering a migration to agile development processes? I would love to hear what you’re doing.

You can also see Lisa’s slideshow here: Waterfall Bad, Washing Machine Good

3 Responses to “The Benefits of Agile Development on Post-its”

  1. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Agile has real potential to break down barriers between project roles and create a collaborative, fruitful and exciting work environment.

    But an important piece of the Agile puzzle (even before the project begins) is to form a team of folks who have been involved in Agile projects before and understand the territory. Otherwise, there is a risk that an Agile project can revert back into Waterfall.

  2. Mark Geljon Says:

    Agile has a great potential, but also (in my opinion) some practical difficulties one has to tackle: what if the agile team is not geographically in one location? What if the agile team does not consist of people able to spend 100% of their time to the team?

    I understand the concept and see the benefits, but in real life it is very hard to make it happen in a waterfall oriented organization… (which most of the larger organisations still are). For example a simple question on ‘integration tests’ by IT, is difficult to answer and pulls the initiative towards waterfall… (where this is structured and ‘controllable’)

  3. Kelly Waters Says:

    You or your readers may be interested in this blog all about agile development:

    In particular there is a description of 10 key principles of agile development irrespective of which methodology you may be using:

    And there’s also an agile development forum “all about agile” for further discussion with peers:

    I hope these resources are useful.

    Kelly Waters

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