’s Fairy Doors

Jared Spool

April 5th, 2007

Recently, I talked about Best Western‘s nifty auto-completion functionality.

I thought I’d also point out another elegant implementation detail:

Selecting a city from the completion…

Selecting a city

…automagically fills in the city, state, and country boxes.

The three boxes filled out

3 boxes of data for the price of 1 click. Sweet!

Nice Fairy Door.

3 Responses to “’s Fairy Doors”

  1. Dierk Seeburg Says:

    Hi Jared,
    Right, it’s a nice feature – by the way, Choice Hotels International has had the same since the summer of last year.

    P.S. Disclaimer: I work for Choice Hotels International.

  2. Siri, Oslo Says:

    Great workshop in Vegas, Jared.

  3. Mike Madaio Says:

    Interesting that you mention this, because Jakob’s latest alertbox discusses the usability problems of state dropdowns, yet he doesn’t consider the autofill feature when providing his solution to the problem. This surprised me, and I actually mentioned it myself the other day:

    Great minds think alike I guess ;o)

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