iRise is doing Site Visits

Jared Spool

June 4th, 2007

iRise, who produces a product development software definition tool that many of our clients find extremely helpful, is trying to make their tool even more helpful. Peter Indelicato, Senior Product Manager for iRise, is looking for folks to participate in some site visits:

Our Product Management team at iRise is constantly reaching out to our potential customers as part of an ongoing “Customer Needs Analysis” campaign. We engage usability experts, interaction designers, information architects, business analysts and other software definition participants in observation sessions that let us get closer to our potential customers’ needs.

If you are interested in allowing someone from our Product Management team to spend a day unobtrusively observing you and talking to you over lunch, then please contact me at We are willing to consider any location in the U.S.

If we end up engaging you for an observation session, we will provide you with a gift certificate to or your favorite restaurant and a trial license for our iRise Studio simulation product.

I bet Peter and his team learns some great stuff.

Field studies aren’t hard or expensive. Are you thinking about them?

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