SpoolCast: Patrick Hofmann interviewed by Jared Spool at UPA Austin

Jared Spool

July 16th, 2007


SpoolCast: Patrick Hofmann interviewed by Jared Spool at UPA Austin
Recorded: June 15th, 2007 at UPA Austin, Texas.
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
Duration: 23m | File size: 11 MB
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I had the good fortune of meeting up with Patrick Hofmann at the Usability Professionals Association’s Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. At any given time you may find Patrick in London, Sydney or Toronto. He travels the world working on design projects for organizations internationally, including HP, Nokia, Motorola, FedEx, and many more. The conference was all a-buzz about Patrick’s sessions, so I cornered him and recorded a podcast.

In this podcast, we discuss,

  • Design deliverables and evaluations – gathering insight
  • What’s involved in internationalization without words
  • Writers, software engineers, and others learning to express ideas visually

We had a great conversation, and I think you’ll learn something. I did. As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments.

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3 Responses to “SpoolCast: Patrick Hofmann interviewed by Jared Spool at UPA Austin”

  1. Imran Says:

    Does anyone know the web address of the comic strip web site developed by an MIT grad that Philip Hoffman mentioned?

  2. Jared Spool Says:

    Check out XKCD.com.

  3. Cultural Context in Design « interactions Says:

    […] Jared has another SpoolCast with Patrick Hofmann that is worth a […]

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