Kevin Cheng’s IA Summit 2007 Presentation

Ashley McKee

July 18th, 2007

At this year’s IA Summit, Kevin Cheng and Tom Wailes gave an interesting presentation called, Finding Innovation in the Five-Hundred Pound Gorilla. The talk centers largely around an innovative approach to product design based on a case study of one of Yahoo!’s “vision projects.”

The daily grind of the designer and information architect can become very focused and repetitive. Project after project, client after client, iteration after iteration, we work through the motions of wireframes, card sorts, hierarchies and task flows ad nauseum. How do we break away from this cycle and step away far enough that we can truly explore, innovate and define strategy?

The pair also talk about the challenges and difficulties they faced, the lessons they learned, and the successes they experienced by creating a project that defined product strategy, instead of just diving head-first into product design with no direction or vision in mind for the product’s intended user experience.

You can find the slides and audio from the presentation up on the IA Summit site here.

Jared has also been talking a lot about creating an experience vision and building an envisionment to keep the design team on the right track throughout the entire design process, and the needs of the users at the forefront of design.

How are you guiding your design direction towards your users’ ideal experiences?

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