UIEtips Article: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products

Jared Spool

August 21st, 2007

UIEtips 8/21/07: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products

At User Interface Engineering, we’ve spent two decades researching the usability and design techniques employed by both successful and unsuccessful development teams. We’ve focused our research agenda on identifying the key techniques successful teams utilize to consistently produce usable products on time and within budget.

Because we think these techniques are essential tools for all designers and usability professionals, we teach them to everyone who attends UIE’s most popular course, Product Usability Survival Techniques. I think these techniques are crucial for every development team’s success.

In this week’s article, one of our most popular instructors, Christine Perfetti, describes several of the techniques we share with design teams in our courses and consulting work. I think you’ll really enjoy her insights.

Read today’s UIEtips article.

What usability techniques do you utilize in your own work? At what stage of development does you team begin usability testing? Do you take advantage of paper mockups? I’d love to hear what you’re doing. Join the discussion below about this week’s topic.

Want to learn more about the five survival techniques for creating usable products? At this year’s User Interface 12 Conference, Christine Perfetti will teach the half-day UIE Showcase Seminar: Product Usability Survival Techniques.

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  1. Prashant Poladia Says:

    When we compare paper prototyping vs HTML prototyping. Which one is the best technique, more usable?

    Is there any online tool for creating quick prototyping?


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