Usability Tools Podcast: 5-Second Usability Tests

Jared Spool

September 10th, 2007

UIE Usability Tools Podcast: 5 Second Tests
Recorded: August 7, 2007 from the studios of UIE
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
Duration: 16 min | File size: 9.5 MB
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Each week in our Usability Tools Podcast, I will be sitting down with UIE’s Managing Director, Christine Perfetti to discuss tips and tools for improving your site’s user experience. The goal of our weekly podcast is to share some of the most important findings from UIE’s research on web design and usability.

This week, Christine Perfetti asked me about one of UIE’s most popular usability testing techniques, 5-Second Tests. A couple of years ago, Christine Perfetti wrote an excellent introductory article about 5-Second Tests, and we’ve been getting questions about the technique ever since.

The 5-Second Test Method shows users a single content page for a quick 5 seconds to gather their initial impressions. Five seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but users make important judgments in the first moments they visit a page. In this podcast, Christine and I discuss:

» Why 5-Second Tests should be used primarily to test a site’s content pages
» Why 5-Second Tests aren’t effective on most Home Pages
» How to conduct this test with your users
» What some of the common mistakes design teams make when conducting a 5-Second Test
» How to recruit users with this technique
» How to combine 5-Second Techniques with other types of tasks

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15 Responses to “Usability Tools Podcast: 5-Second Usability Tests”

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  5. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Good listening and look forward to discussing this tool in further depth at UI12 as we enjoy a drink together 🙂

    Priority definitely on what the user thinks they can “do”.

    In addition, often organisations will want to know whether users understand “intended business image” For example, does it convey the right image to the user and does the user know its the Home Page of that organisation.

    It gives us a chance to get feedback on both quickly and its worked well.

  6. Russ Sese Says:

    The 5-second usability test is a useful method, but the 5 seconds probably only apply to people with no visual impairments.

    For users with visual impairments and/or who are blind, would you suggest a longer period of time? If so, for how long?

  7. Ruairi Galavan Says:

    Hi Russ (thanks for the binders – your money is in the post—soon!),

    I was recently amazed at the speed that i saw a viusualy impaired user interact with an interface using a screen reader.

    Perhaps a 5 second type test would apply under the same constraints. I would imagine that visualy impaired users interact with an interface at a simliar speed. So, I would imagine that an ever so slighlty longer test of the same type could be appropriate.

    Anyone else got thoughts on this?….Has anybody tried this?

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  12. Phil Spencer Says:

    I don’t get the explanation about why it doesn’t work so well for a home page evaluation. You talk about how in that instance you’d set up a context and conduct a task focused test, but then go on to talk about how you might want to set up a context for other pages where you do use 5 second test. I don’t see the difference?

    You also talk about how no one would arrive at a home page without some context “everyone knows what UPS does”, but surely the same argument applies to your address change example – no one would click on the address change link without the context of wanting to change their address thus they’d arrive at the page with an expectation.

    I don’t find the distinction clear enough. In fact I’m on the side of it is equally useful for home page (not that I’ve used this technique yet). Say you click a search result link through to a home page – you need to know quickly that the page you hit matches your expectations based on your search query. Same as any other page, if you clicked an internal link to change address you’d need to know quickly that was the right page. Home page is no different other than it might just possibly be a more common entry point to your site, which surely makes it MORE important.

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