SpoolCast: An Interview with Cameron Moll

Jared Spool

October 17th, 2007

SpoolCast: An Interview with Cameron Moll
Recorded: September 7th, 2007 from the d.Construct 2007 Conference, Brighton, England
Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer
Duration: 30m | File size: 17 MB
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On my recent trip to the d.Construct 2007 conference in Brighton, England, I had the good fortune to sit down with acclaimed designer Cameron Moll.

Cameron is the Interaction Design Manager for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the work he oversees reaches a world-wide audience. His very popular design blog Authentic Boredom, regularly features engaging articles and unleashed the “wicked worn” look across the web, which earned him a mention on NPR.

Cameron’s excellent talk at d.Construct was about the differences between good design and great design. (Fortunately, he’s covering this topic — and much more — in his almost sold out full-day UI12 tutorial session.) I found Cameron’s perspectives on graphic design theory, HCI principals, and his communication-centric approach both fascinating and stunningly effective.

In our conversation, Cameron let me in on his background and his unusual journey to both design and the web. We discussed the importance of getting to know your customer before you make design decisions. We also discussed what to do after each project so you take its lessons forward.

Like many of us, Cameron works in a large, complex organization. This means managing design decisions and wrestling (often inflexible) enterprise technology. He talked to me about how he has integrated his real-world experiences into his UI12 tutorial and how he is working on bringing elegance and great function to his complex work projects.

Even though Cameron is recognized for his world-class design talent, I am surprised how friendly and humble he is. We had a fascinating conversation that I think you’ll enjoy.

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2 Responses to “SpoolCast: An Interview with Cameron Moll”

  1. Nate Klaiber Says:

    Excellent interview. Having worked in environments where they bought a ‘SharePoint’ like application, I can relate to much of what was being said in the conversation. Organizations like that don’t want to pay to build, they want to buy and piece everything together. However, in the long run – they end up paying for it because it requires so many modifications to do just what they needed. Wouldn’t it be much smarter to build just what you need?

    I recently worked within a Java application where there were certain pieces I couldn’t change at all – they were abstracted in the core of the application, making it a bear to really tweak things as deemed necessary.

    Thanks for posting the interview….

  2. Jack Darrington Says:

    This is a great post. I especially loved the part where you say, “the importance of getting to know your customer before you make design decisions.” Graphic design is all about creating a graphic display of who you are or who the client is. It represents the entity as a whole. So many companies don’t realize this and they just do what they do with no regard to who the client is.

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